Bright crocheted colorful swimsuit

Bright crocheted colorful swimsuit Crochet abright multi-colored swimsuit with relief strips. Materials and tools: yarn (100% cotton, 200m / 50gr) 50g yellow, green, light pink, dark pink and blue hook number 2.5. Pattern Size: 36/38 Pattern Description To get an item 1 size larger.

DIY hand-made strawberries

DIY strawberry do-it-yourself Crafting strawberries with your own hands made from scrap materials made with your child is one of the best ways to keep warm memories of the passing summer. Since even the youngest connoisseur of beauty can draw strawberries, children of different.

Generator from an asynchronous motor

Generator from asynchronous motor Alteration of an induction motor into a generator Removing the covers, remove rotor. The stator windings remain native, the engine is not rewound, everything remains as it is, unchanged. The rotor was being customized to order. It was decided to.

Paper Type Model Type 3 Chi-Nu

Paper Type 3 Chi-Nu tank model The paper model of the tank is Type 3 Chi-Nu - (yap. 三 式 中 戦 車), «Chi-Nu»(yapチヌ-«middletenth»)- Japanese medium tank of the Second World War. Materials and tools: scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler tweezers; glue brushes and.

Patchwork clothes. A selection of fashionable images

Clothing in the style of "patchwork". A selection of fashionable images Dresses and coats, as if stitched from the remnants of the fabric, confidently conquer fashion catwalks. This trend needlewoman, of course, at hand. After all, the current fashionable outfit, which differs little from.

Floor covering for the kitchen

Floor covering for the kitchen 1. Linoleum Linoleum is often used for the kitchen, because it fits even in the most modest budget, while quite moisture and durability. It should also be noted a large variety of colors of linoleum, among which it is.

You have a lot of apples 7 ways to save the harvest

Do you have a lot of apples? 7 ways to save the crop Apples are tasty and healthy fruits, and in the fall you can enjoy them to the fullest. However, not everyone is able to cope with the entire harvest. Save the beneficial.

The best dresses from the Fashion Week in Paris 20172018

Top Dresses from Fashion Week in Paris 2017/2018 The Paris fashion week haute couture is not for pragmatists, but for dreamers, and therefore it is worth considering as a fairy tale with a happy ending that you wanted to reread and smile. We will.

Cannes-2018: Irina Shayk tried on a princess dress

Cannes-2018: Irina Shayk tried on a princess dress Russian supermodel made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival - 2018. Irina Shayk even after the birth of her daughter continues to choose the most seductive outfits. Rumor has it that the supermodel is expecting.

Interior decoration for walls

Interior decoration for walls I propose an idea for decorating your interior. Let's make an unusual shelf. It will be a tree branch. Already interesting. True? And we will make a nest with eggs, a chick and a decorative candle! And we will settle.

Do-it-yourself claw-making

Do-it-yourself claw-making Many cat lovers are faced with the fact that their pets sharpen their claws about, because of what it loses its appearance. Since cats have such a need, the best solution would be to purchase a special scraper. You can buy it.

Making a Christmas toy Drum

Creation of a New Year's toy "Drum" To create a toy you will need: - landscape sheet of paper. - cut off yellow felt. - glue. - scissors. - thin cord of black color. - cotton buds 2 pieces . - brown eye shadow.

Why dream that I walk barefoot in a dream

Why dream that I walk barefoot in a dream If you saw in a dream that you walk without shoes, open a dream book: walking barefoot means more trouble in your personal life or evil intentions of enemies. It is necessary to warn of.

What are effective diet pills

What are effective diet pills? Olga Reznik April 19, 2013 Obesity can be called a disease of our time. Millions of people daily think about the question of how to lose weight, including over what effective diet pills to buy. In pharmacies, those who.

How to make a rose from paper

How to make a rose out of paper? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Tamara Sidorova ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������July 24, 2012 Watch the video How to make a rose out of paper? Rose is deservedly called the queen of flowers. It has long served as a symbol of passion, grace.

How to cope with postpartum depression

How to cope with postpartum depression? It would seem that the birth of a baby should give the newly-made mother only the most positive emotions. But, unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some women face such an unpleasant and even dangerous phenomenon as.

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