Mother and daughter

Mother and daughter Until the daughter has grown up, the mother is the leader in this relationship. Responsibility for the relationship entirely falls on her shoulders. Mother should not perceive the daughter as property. Even at a very young age, a child needs to.

Mizinchikov to finger-type battery adapter

Mizinchikov to finger-type battery adapter Sometimes such a nuisance happens, like unexpectedly sitting down (for example, in a clock or an alarm clock!) AA batteries, in common “fingertips”, and you only have Mizinchikovye (type "AAA"). You can of course go and buy new ones.

How to make changes to the charter

How to make changes to the charter? If we objectively evaluate business and legal practice, then it may be surprising to note that cases of changing the address and name of a limited liability company are quite common. However, if you first come across.

How to cheer her up

How to cheer her up? Women are inherently emotional and sensitive. Therefore, a change of mood in them occurs more often than among representatives of a strong half of humanity. The latter is often difficult to understand what could have happened in a few.

Musical Picture

Musical Picture Musical Pictureis a simple project and a great way to combine two types of art, as well as perhaps the best option to hide the speakers (speakers) in the interior. Materials and tools: canvas, brushes, paints (or the finished picture) columns; soldering.

Paper Toy - Origami Crafts from Modules

Paper Toy - Origami Crafts from Modules We will show you how to make a toy out of paper with your own hands. Making paper toys does not require a lot of effort and time. Paper – very convenient material, from it you can.

How to mow lawn

How to mow lawn Mowing the grass requires that the lawn was thick. If you give yourself a lawn, it will soon turn into a meadow with high grass and weed. With regular grass mowing, the meadow turf remains short and thick, and weed.

Origami fabric butterfly

Origami fabric butterfly Butterfly made of cloth using origami technique- a master class, we use the technique of origami to fold a beautiful butterfly made of cloth. Materials and tools: fabric; scissors; sewing machine. Step 1 Cut out 2 rectangles from the fabric. We.

Snowflake flashlight and star - Christmas decorations

Snowflake flashlight and star - Christmas decorations On the eve of the New Year, people spend a lot of money on Christmas tree decorations and decorations for the interior of the room. But you can refuse to buy them at all, because jewelry and.

Unique jewelry: beads, earrings

Unique jewelry: beads, earrings I think no one will deny the fact that all women love jewelry. I, for example, prefer for each side to have their own unique decoration. Moreover, not just beads or separate earrings, but a whole set. I offer you.

How to make a robot

How to make a robot? Watch the video How to make a robot? Today, our article will focus on robotics at home. We will try to fully and deeply answer the question of how to make a robot. You, in turn, dear reader, find.

How to take apilak

How to take apilak Instruction «Apilak»Prescribed for the treatment of cardiovascular, neurological, skin and gastrointestinal diseases, with increased physical exertion and chronic fatigue syndrome, for the speedy recovery after surgery and past infections. In addition, the drug stimulates lactation, and therefore can be used.

Crutch Hammer

Crutch Hammer To perform fine work in the form of engraving and embossing it is important to have a special tool, one of which is a small hammer. Its dimensions and low weight allow: to do minor work without fear of damaging other elements;.

Satin Ribbon Hairpin

A hairpin made of satin ribbons Such a bouquet of roses will be an excellent decoration for the hair. For a bouquet of roses we need the following materials: - ribbon pink, 2.5 cm in width and 230 cm long. -lench of white color.

Basket of paper tulips by March 8

Basket of paper tulips by March 8 Gifts to my mother by March 8 usually are handled by younger children who do not yet have pocket money and can not afford to buy a gift in the store. Therefore, homemade gifts are usually characterized.

What is repost?

What is a repost? A repost is the quoting of a message within a single resource. Recently, this re-publication is reflected in social networks such as Vkontakte and Twitter. From our article you will learn how to properly do a repost. Using repost Repost.

Soldering Device

Soldering equipment Here is a simple, and most importantly, the necessary adaptation in the work can be done by everyone at home using their own hands. It takes no more than 15 minutes, but it will be useful and convenient in working with a.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher Dream catcher - a traditional Indian amulet, a circular grid decorated with feathers. It is believed that he is able to attract, "catch" good dreams, and, in addition, it can be a great decoration for the bedroom. So, how to make a.

Mozart Effect for Kids

Mozart Effect for Kids The child and the effect of Mozart - a topic that shook the minds of many parents in the late 20th century. And she was born thanks to the discovery of a French otolaryngologist, a doctor who studies the effect.

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