10 interesting films about military actions

War films allow the viewer to see battle scenes and experience the most genuine and sincere emotions. And what war movies can be called the best?

Ten posh films about the war:

  1. "Rescue Private Ryan"- a film about the Second World War. The landing in Normandy was unsuccessful. Because of a poorly planned operation, many soldiers died. The command got what it wanted, but at what cost! It was especially hard for the Ryan family, because the mother received three death notices at once, her three sons were killed in battle. The last and only survivor was in the very epicenter of the fighting, and it was decided to return it to console the grief-stricken mother. A detachment of eight people goes to the front to find and deliver the unharmed private Ryan, who still continues to fight and is a step away from death. But will the soldiers who have received such an unusual order be able to fulfill it and save not only Ryan’s life, but also their own?
  2. "Apocalypse Today". The action of this film takes place in 1969 in Cambodia during the Vietnam War.Military actions change everyone, as they are always associated with losses and psychological trauma. The special forces captain Benjamin Willard is in deep depression. But suddenly he was summoned to headquarters, where he received an order to track down and neutralize the former colonel of the American Army, Walter Kurtz, who became distraught, deserted, and began to create lawlessness. Willard, along with the soldiers moves through the jungles of Cambodia and deeper and deeper plunges into real hell, which causes everyone to lose their sanity. The fighters no longer understand where they are, why they are going, what they must do. They believe that the apocalypse described in the Bible has already arrived ...
  3. "Life is Beautiful". Before the beginning of World War II, a young Jew Guido moved from the village to the city, met with a young teacher Dora and fell in love with her. Soon, the son of Josue is born to the lovers, they open a small shop, and it would seem that everything goes the way it should go. But the war begins, and everything changes. Jews began to be treated extremely negatively, their mass persecutions began. Guido, along with his son enters the concentration camp.All the weak members of the Jewish race were killed in gas chambers, so Guido tried to do everything to protect Josuë. He tells the boy that everyone is playing a game. And in order to win it and get the main prize - a tank, you need to keep yourself quiet, do not ask for food, do not cry and hide from the soldiers.
  4. “Thin Red Line”. The film tells about the events that took place during the battle between the allies and the Japanese Empire over the island of Guadalcanal during the Second World War in the Pacific region. Spectators are watching the lives of several soldiers, who find themselves in the very epicenter of the fighting. Company C was sent to the rescue of a detachment of marines, the few surviving members of which were exhausted by constant fierce battles with the Japanese. Arrived soldiers understand that it will be difficult to survive. Each of them literally in three months changes views on life and its principles. If some fight for the title, others dream of returning home and seeing their relatives, and still others just want to survive. But all share one goal - to escape and get out of this hell.
  5. "Schindler's list"- a unique story of one person who changed the fate of thousands of people. Almost at the very beginning of the Second World War, Oskar Schindler arrived in the Nazi-occupied Poland. He is an enterprising businessman who almost immediately builds the necessary connections, organizes a factory and begins to produce enameled products. He recruits Polish Jews expelled to the ghettos and forced to live in poverty. Things are going well, but soon Amon Goet arrives in the country, who reports that all Jews will be sent to a concentration camp. Schindler uses connections, offers a bribe, and ultimately agrees that his workers should not be touched. Thus, he saves almost a thousand people who are doomed to certain death.
  6. "Great Illusion"- the old, but one of the most interesting films, which tells about the First World War. The French pilots Moreshal and Bolde, whose planes were shot down by the German ace Rauffenstein, are captured. There they meet several British officers. All the soldiers decide to unite and escape from the camp. They begin to dig a tunnel and plan to escape.But when the French were victorious on the western front, Moreshal, Boldus, and other French soldiers were transferred to another prison. Commandant appointed an old friend of the pilots Rauffenstein. He gladly accepts prisoners of war and immediately informs them that an escape from his prison is simply impossible.
  7. "9 Rota"- A film about the brutal, merciless and life-losing thousands of young people in the war in Afghanistan. Many were sent almost to certain death. A group of young fighters who have recently undergone military training are sent to the epicenter of hostilities. The 9th company received a special task, it had to take a position at a high point located in the mountains, and hold it until the Russian column crossed it. At first, many thought that the task was simple, some found time to rest. But the Afghan militants threw all their forces into the fight against the Russians, so many died. Survived units, but they remembered the battle forever.
  8. “Only old men go to battle”- one of the most famous and beloved by many films, which became a real masterpiece of Soviet cinema. The captain of the squadron of the Titanenko pilots nicknamed “Maestro” is not only an experienced pilot, but also the soul of the company and just a good person.When new fighters come to his command, he is in no hurry to send them into battle, believing that they need to see, learn and do much more. When the command "Only old men go to battle" sounds, the newcomers remain on the ground. But the war does not spare anyone, and soon the “old men” remain quite a bit, and yesterday's newcomers are forced to go on flights and fly on a par with experienced pilots. The film tells not only about the battles, but also the simple life of young soldiers and love.
  9. "The Fall of the Black Hawk". A film based on real events, telling about the military operations that took place in 1993 in Somalia. There is real chaos, this place has turned into hell. The militant commander Aidid does everything he wants, and keeps almost the entire civilian population in fear. He was in the city of Mogadishu, and the American command planned to send a group of fighters there to neutralize the militants. The operation was supposed to be quick and successful, but many died and were injured. And the film was given such a name in honor of transport helicopters, two of which were shot down by militants during hostilities.
  10. "Letters from Iwo Jima". In 1945, there was a battle between Japan and the United States over Iwo Jima, and the director of this film showed it from the other side. He did not highlight the heroism of the American soldiers, but the real patriotism of the Japanese, who by the number of troops were losing much to the US Army, but did not give up and fought for a small piece of their land, trying their best to win and save it. They knew that they would perish, but stood to the last.

These were the best films about the war.

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