12 original things for home and garden do it yourself: photo instructions

How I want every corner in the country to please our eyes. And for this it is not necessary to spend a lot of money, because all this can be done with your own hands. We present to you12 incredible things for home and garden do it yourself!

Coffee table from boards

A coffee table is an essential attribute of every home. For the manufacture of such a table, you can use metal legs and ordinary wood planks or small bars laid in a checkerboard pattern. To create such a table will take just a couple of hours.

Hanger "Tree"

On a dry tree, it is necessary to remove the bark, saw the branches, treat them with antiseptics and paint them in the color that you like most. Pick up a durable pin and base so that the hanger made of wood holds firmly.

Universal wall shelf

Pay attention to this unusual shelf, which will perfectly fit into the interior of your kitchen or living room!

Table based on gabion

Gabions are nets that are filled with stones.Today gabions are incredibly popular in the world of landscape design. These nets will give a rustic spirit to a table in the courtyard where you can enjoy a picnic.

Stand for a cup for the sofa

With such a stand on the sofa it will be much more convenient to watch your favorite TV series, sipping hot tea with cookies. The color of the stand can be chosen according to the color of the furniture.

Two chairs - one bench

What is a dacha without a cozy shop? However, it’s not at all necessary to buy this shop for big money, you can do it yourself! Take 2 old chairs, put them opposite each other and install several boards, forming an unusual shop.

Glowing log stools

Remove the bark of the logs and paint the tops with fluorescent paint. When the moonlight hits, the logs will glow, giving a special romantic atmosphere to sitting in the woods.

Pouf from plastic bottles

Do not rush to throw away the old bottles, because of them you can make such a nice ottoman. Bottles must be cleaned, dried and placed in a circle, tightly wrapping tape. Cut two identical circles from plywood and fix them with adhesive tape on both sides of the glued bottles. This design can be dressed in a pre-sewn case.

Simple bench without nails

A bench in the garden is very easy to do with the help of building materials, namely, wooden slats and concrete cinder blocks. Simply glue them with liquid nails, as indicated in the photo guide, paint it in your favorite color and enjoy the beautiful autumn evenings in the plaid and sipping tea on a new bench.

Wine Barrel Sink

If your old wine barrel is cracking, why not do something unusual, namely, a sink for the dacha? In the barrel it is necessary to make a door in order to place there a drainage of water, a hose, a siphon and a tap.

Bench for two

Not enough romance with her husband? Make such a comfortable shop from wooden slats, where you can spend long evenings wrapped in a rug with your loved one. For the decor of the shop, you can use pillows or a small mattress.

Flower pots table

From a pair of plastic flower pots and a conventional metal tray, you can make a cute, compact table that fits perfectly into the interior of the cottage. The joint between pots must be sealed with putty, so the table will be stronger.

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