20 is not the limit! How the most large families of the world live

The largest family in the UK is now awaiting the birth of the “anniversary” 20th child. Woman’s Day has figured out how families live in which there are not enough fingers on both hands to count the children.

Sue and Noel Radford, UK

The largest families of the world: 20 - not the limit!
Photo: Facebook / The Radford Family

The natives of a small British town in the county of Lancashire have already sworn that all is enough - their 18th child will be the last. And after - no, no. But suddenly, when no one was waiting for him, bang, the 19th appeared. Well, since such a thing, then it would be foolish not to give birth to the 20th, to round off, so to speak.

41-year-old Sue Radford and her 46-year-old spouse-baker Noel got their firstborn when Sue herself was practically a child - she was only 14 years old. It is unlikely that they could have imagined that it would be only 25 years old, and their family would grow so big that they would have to buy 21 loaves of bread, 63 liters of milk, 14 boxes of cereal and 28 rolls of toilet paper a week.

The Redford family in Britain TV stars - for several years on TV shows a reality show about their lives.And although such a number of children is not easy to raise, they don’t ask for help from the state - there’s enough money the head of the family earns in the baking business.

The largest families of the world: 20 - not the limit!
Noel published such a snapshot on March 29 on his Facebook page - another Redford child will be born this September. The number of girls and boys is almost equal - 10 to 9. And now there is an intrigue in the family - either sexual equality will come or the girls will take the lead.
Photo: family page on Facebook

Kelly and Jill Bates, USA

The largest families of the world: 20 - not the limit!
Photo: Getty Images

The Bates family is well known in America - they are regular participants of the reality show about themselves Bringing Up Bates, which shows the life of a couple and their 19 children. Jill and Kelly are devout evangelists, therefore, they believe that only the Lord God can limit a husband and wife in terms of childbirth. Which, as it is easy to notice, does not particularly limit them. And Kelly never had any twins or triplets - for 19 years she consistently gave out a baby per year.

The family lives in a spacious house with five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two kitchens and five washing machines. Not a disaster because Gil has his own logging company.

All the children of Bates were (and some are still) homeschooling. Four of the eldest have already got their own families, and most of the children are already over 18, so Kelly and Gil are just around the corner with the prospect of becoming the most “highly educated” grandparents.

Ray and Jeni Bonell, Australia

The largest families of the world: 20 - not the limit!
Photo: family page on Facebook

“I never dreamed of such a thing,” says Jeni Bonell from Australia. - God has a great sense of humor. When I was a teenager, when asked if I wanted to have children, I usually answered: "No, I am not interested." I did not like children, and they did not like me either. ”

But her husband, Ray, grew up in a large family - it was he who, overcoming the resistance of his wife, initiated the birth of his first child. More precisely, the firstborn - they immediately got twins, but Janie had already asked about the third child herself. The couple got so excited that they now have 16 children, and they are thinking about the 17th.

How do they manage to cope? “Lists! Says Jenny. “We have lists everywhere on the walls of what to buy and do. There is also a duty schedule that helps children be responsible for themselves and their brothers and sisters. ”

"Children begin to watch from the age of 8,and as early as 10 years old, everyone can cook dinner for 20 people, ”says Jeni, adding that they usually take about 600 Australian dollars (about $ 25,000) a week for food.

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