40 luxurious pairs of corporate shoes for every budget

Shoes for the New Year's corporate party just have to be luxurious, sexy and stunningly beautiful. Choose a pair to your liking!

Shining at a New Year's party in a perfect dress is not so easy, if there is no decent pair of shoes in mind. We tell you what festive shoes at the height of fashion this season. It remains only to find shoes that would complete the New Year's look and make it perfect. Woman’s Day studied the main trends of the season and chose four dozen shoes in different styles for every taste and color.

Velvet.This material is now particularly relevant. It can be worn in the feast, and in the world, but it is especially appropriate that it looks at parties and special occasions. We suggest to pay attention to classic pumps of deep neutral shades, as well as to charming models in the style of Mary-Jane.

Velvet shoes are advantageously combined with satin and silk dresses with a minimum of decor.The contrasting combination of soft velvet and thin flowing fabric looks beautiful and very feminine.

Metallic and sequins.If you have chosen for a corporate party a simple dress with no frills, then it is best to complement it with spectacular metallic leather shoes or a pair of studded sequins.

In no case should not pick up sparkling shoes to the same sparkling dress - you will look like a Christmas tree. Laconic outfit plus one spectacular accessory will make the image interesting, but it will not overload it with details.

Unusual decor.Designers love to experiment with bold decor. The basis is usually taken classic silhouette, which is complemented by something such. Appliques, crystals, embroidery, feathers, ribbons, fancy heels, ruffles or contrasting details - there really is a choice.

The main thing - to remember about the measure and put on all the best at once. If the dress is with embroidery, then the classic pair-boat is enough. But a laconic cut lace dress can be fully complemented by shoes with an unusual heel.

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