6 spices useful for your health

Many national cuisine can not be imagined without certain spices. And it's not just the flavor and antiseptic properties of individual seasonings. Many spices contain beneficial substances and trace elements that have a positive effect on health and performance. Here are a few spices that you should add to your diet if you want to become more energetic.

Ginger stimulates immunity

The root of ginger is used in raw, marinated or dried form. In the latter case, the spice is ground into powder. Ginger has strong antiseptic properties. Ginger is recommended to take to combat nausea and as an antipyretic.

Saffron - seasoning worth its weight in gold

Saffron is a great antidepressant. In addition, it has powerful tonic properties. As the most expensive spice saffron is often forged, giving it cheaper turmeric, so it's best to buy not ground dried petals.

Cinnamon from gloom and spleen

Kara evergreen tree, which can often be found in a dried whole or as a hammer helps the production of hormones of joy. Try adding spices not only to desserts, but also to first courses and drinks.

Sweet paprika for energy

If hot pepper is contraindicated to you, pay attention to its less pungent counterpart. Paprika helps to cope with stress. Store paprika should be in an airtight container, and it is better not to do this for too long. Paprika can be spicy, be sure to check with the seller a variety of spices, if this property matters to you.

Kumin for cheerfulness

This spice has another popular name - zira. Spice perfectly accelerates blood and contributes to a surge of strength. Without it, you can not cook a traditional Uzbek plov. You can use cumin for first and second courses, as well as homemade cheese and savory pastries.

Cardamom to increase stamina

Spicy spice gives the resinous taste of the dishes supports the body tone. In India, the spice is considered to be a means to improve metabolism. Cardamom goes well with meat dishes, pastries and organic coffee.Store it in a tight-fitting container.

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