60 Wonderful examples of wall clocks that you want to make

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The empty space on the wall will never look good, even if the interior is in style. But sometimes the wall is just filled with things that do not tally with the overall interior styling. So what can fill the space on the wall, except the picture and? You guessed it from the title of the article - this is a wall clock! Today you will see many examples of wall clocks that you can make yourself.

Why don't you transform your boring old watch so that it looks like a work of art? All that is in your house, you can use to create your own hours. Mandatory elements are the clock mechanism and hands, they can be purchased separately in the store or dismantled from the old clock.Everything else depends on your imagination! We have collected60 original ideasthat will help you decide on a style and make your own unique watches.

60 Wonderful wall clock, made by hand

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