60 years old bikini is not an obstacle! Stars that surprised us

These women will not turn the language to call grandmothers! They will give odds to many young ladies, and slender figures will make you envy and, moreover, throw a tasty bun and jerk to the gym.

Even in their mature years, they can afford to spank in swimsuits and bikinis. Stepping over the 60-year-old (and some 80-year-olds!) The line, by their very appearance they prove that a woman can be beautiful at any age. The main thing - to want and not be lazy! After all, a beautiful body is a big and eternal work.

Larisa Dolina, 61 years old

stars in bathing suits photo
Photo: @dolinalarisaoficial

The famous singer has never concealed that all her life is struggling with extra pounds, and the tendency to corpulence forever put an end to high-calorie goodies. By the way, it is worth noting that right now, already at a rather mature age, Larisa Dolina looks even better than in her younger years. Slender and smart singer can easily afford tight-fitting dresses, and prefers to sunbathe exclusively in bikinis.So, the singer surprised her fans by posting photos in her microblog in which she poses in a bright yellow swimsuit. The photo has once again confirmed that Larisa Dolina does not afford any indulgence, follows strict diets and goes in for sports. How else to explain the taut figure of the star, exchanged seventh ten!

Lyubov Uspenskaya, 63 years old

stars in bathing suits photo
stars in bathing suits photo
stars in bathing suits photo
Photo: @uspenskayalubov
Photo: @uspenskayalubov
Photo: @uspenskayalubov

The singer literally created a sensation with her beach photos! Fans could not even think that their pet in her 63 years old can boast an ideal figure! Having posted a couple of photos in a bikini and running into compliments, Love began to publish beach posts more often.

Christie Brinkley, 63 years

Photo: @christiebrinkley

Christie started her modeling career at the age of 19, and then she didn’t even think that real glory would come to her in adulthood. No one could believe that this beautiful long-legged blonde with a perfect flat belly and slender hips is already over 60! By the way, on her birthday, Christie presented herself an original gift - decorated the cover of People magazine. And, of course, in a bathing suit! And "Instagram" Christie literally replete with beach photos, once again confirming that with proper care, nutrition and regular workouts, you can maintain the beauty and youthfulness of the body.

Alla Pugacheva, 68 years old

Jun 15 2017 at 2:52 pdt

“Favorite sunbathes. He took off his slyness: he does not like being photographed. ” So Maxim Galkin signed the photo in his Instagram. It is worth noting that Alla Borisovna looks simply superb and, as everyone around them notes, is getting prettier by the day. Black pareo did not hide the slender legs of the Prima donna, who became the object of admiration not only of the legitimate spouse, but also of admirers.

Melanie Griffith, 59 years old

stars in bathing suits photo
Photo: Getty Images

August 9, the Hollywood "business woman" will be 60 years old. Once Melanie shone in the movies, and on social events and red carpet. But, being at the peak of her career, Melanie did not pass the test of fame: addicted to drugs, the star of the actress almost rolled, not having managed to gain the proper height. Benefit Melanie underwent treatment and forever said goodbye to addiction. But, unfortunately, she almost said goodbye to beauty: Melanie tried, so to speak, to reanimate and restore her former attractiveness by resorting to the services of plastic surgeons. But it only got worse, and Melanie soon filled up the list of stars with an unsuccessful plastic. Despite all the experiments, the changes did not touch the slim figure of a star, and in her almost 60 years she can easily afford a bikini.

Goldie Hawn, 71

stars in bathing suits photo
stars in bathing suits photo
Photo: Splash / Gallo Images
Photo: Splash / Gallo Images

Remember the incredible swimsuit heroine Goldie in the movie "Overboard"? It is not surprising that Russell Crowe could not resist the fragile beauty and owner of a delightful chiseled figure. But surprisingly, even now, having exchanged eighth ten, Goldie is still good in a bathing suit. The actress is absolutely not shy to appear on the beach. But you need to give her credit: Goldie is very responsible for the choice of swimsuits, preferring elegant monokini, which hide flaws and emphasize the form.

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