7 Secrets of Proper Care for Plastic Windows

As the happy owner of plastic windows, you should still take the time to maintain their dazzling appearance. There are several secrets that allow PVC windows to shine and delight the eye at any time of the year.
7 secrets to correct care of plastic windows
Secret number 1 Wipe the glass with a special protective agent every six months
Urban mud and soot forces about every two weeks to wash the windows, especially in the summer. At other times, it is necessary to regularly clean the surface with a damp cloth on the inside. Use any detergents that do not contain chlorine, alcohol additives, gasoline. Stained glass plastic windows require special care in their care. Do not use coarse and sharp sponges when cleaning. It is enough to apply a special protective agent for the PVC profile every six months. Manufacturers usually recommend a range of similar products. Secret №2 Rubber seals wash in spring and autumn Extra moisture in rubber inserts of plastic windows is not needed. Therefore, they are advised to wash them twice a year with a soft cloth. Do not use solvent. Secret No. 3 Treat rubber seals with products that contain glycerin and silicone Talc, silicone oil helps to increase the elasticity of the sealant. This affects the effectiveness of insulation. Secret # 4 Lubricate the accessories of plastic windows with oil once a year Suitable for both automotive oil and solidol. Make sure that foreign objects do not fall into the moving mechanisms of the window. Special attention is required pen. With frequent opening, fasteners may loosen, it is necessary to tighten the screws. Secret # 5 Clean the mosquito net for the winter season The net is best washed with soapy water and stored in a dry place. In winter, it does not function, but only darkens the window. Secret # 6 Regularly clean the drainage holes The construction of the PVC window can deteriorate if water, dirt accumulates in it. Secret number 7 You should not leave the plastic window open for a long time The moving mechanisms of the glass unit are deformed if they are constantly under the weight. The window will become difficult to open and close. Remember the elementary rules - you can not put hot objects on the windowsill, you can not hit on the design, to avoid scratches, it is better to close the hot batteries. Good care for plastic windows is a guarantee of their durability and beautiful appearance.

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