7 signs of a properly designed schoolchildren’s room: tells the Mobilikaz salon

Can we understand that we have organized a comfortable space for the child? Yes, if we show due attention. We have compiled a list of the main signs that the nursery was a success.

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The child sits exactly at the table

Good posture is something you cannot choose when choosing a desk. He and the chair must match the height of the child. If you did everything correctly, the baby will sit straight, reach down to the floor, and his hands, lying on the table, will be no higher than the level of the chest.

Proper lighting of the work area

A schoolboy is often engaged in lessons in the evening, so you need to carefully consider the artificial lighting.Use a working lamp with warm lighting, and they should cover the entire surface of the desktop, and not just a notebook.

Reach your hand

Try to put all the items that you may need during training at arm's length from the child. The less he will have to walk around the room, the more focused he will be.

Hidden Communications

Consider the location of the main equipment and electrical devices at the repair stage and place the sockets next to them. Such seemingly trivial things will make the situation much more comfortable and safer. Children are very active, so they can often stumble over wires stretched across the room.

Storage Systems

The child has a lot of things: clothes, toys, textbooks, hobby items - all this needs to be stored somewhere. The room should have enough storage space, not only cabinets, but also open shelves or shelves, where the child can put his favorite things.

On the page you will find a lot of interesting ideas for creating a nursery in a classic style.


If, after spending the whole evening after school, your schoolchild is still feeling good and does not complain of fatigue, it may be that you have arranged a comfortable room for him. Often, children start to suffer from headaches not because of the heavy workload at school, but because of the unfavorable atmosphere in the room, smells of paints and glue, poor quality materials.

So try to choose furniture made from natural raw materials, which has certificates of quality and environmental safety. By the way, the same advice can be given in the process of selecting stationery.

Free Space

The tightness and lack of space for outdoor activities - a real punishment for the child. After school, everyone wants to change activities, to do something active. Ensure that the baby has enough space in the room so that he can warm up and rest from a sitting posture.

Also, be sure to buy natural bedding for the children's bedroom, which will ensure a pleasant, healthy sleep for your child.

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