80+ Fantastic Examples of Kitchen Apron Trim

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Kitchen apron - one of the important elements of the kitchen, which can drastically change the appearance of the interior.Now there is a huge selection on the market of both traditional and unexpected materials for decoration. To make it easier to determine the materials, take a look at the selection that will inspire you. Enjoy ...

1. Geometric Tile

The apron in the kitchen should be stylish, durable and fit the style of the interior. Geometric tiles, today, one of the most popular examples of finishes.And it is no coincidence: it is easy to clean, resistant to alkalis and acids, does not absorb fat, does not respond to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Let's look at the most attractive ideas.

2. Metal

Finishing with metal is one of the trends that will never go out of style. Brass, copper, silver - can decorate any interior, from industrial toart deco. Add stunning touches to the kitchen with the help of metal.Need ideas?Here they are!

3. Natural wood

Wood is one of the most noble materials in the interior. But he has his flaws, which do not allow the use of this material in the kitchen, where there is a lot of moisture. Despite this, there are options for using wood as a material for a kitchen apron. See also -.

4. Bright mosaic

A good choice for a small kitchen: the mosaic visually expands the space. Want to make a bright accent on the kitchen? Yes Easy! Remains of tiles, CDs or shards of glass jars - all this can be used to create an original and budget kitchen apron.

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5. Window with a stunning view

What could be nicer than seeing beautiful views while cooking? A unique idea that conquers modern interiors in recent times.All you have to do is replace the kitchen apron with a box of rectangular shape. Glass is much easier to keep clean, in comparison with wood or natural stone. Take a look at these amazing examples.

6. Sheet glass

When choosing a kitchen apron from glass, you can be sure that it will serve you for years. Such an apron is easy to wash, it does not tarnish and is not afraid of chemical exposure and temperature drops near an open flame. Glass for the kitchen apron can be cut to order.

7. Chalk Wall

If you think that the chalk wall is used only in school, then it is not. The slate wall is a fresh and fashionable trend in interior design. She is preferred not only by families with small children, but also by busy bachelors and creative people. On the slate wall surface, you can write and draw as much as you like. It is easy to clean, and the paint itself can be purchased at the hardware store. See also -.

8. Bricklaying

If your kitchen is designed in the style of a loft, or you go to diversify the interior with textures, your choice is brickwork. But do not forget - the surface of the bricks and the seams between them must be covered with a special moisture-resistant varnish to protect the apron from the constant exposure to moisture, dirt and drops of fat. See also -.

9. Mirror

Mirror - visually increases the space. This kitchen apron is ideal for a small kitchen. Like glass - it's easy to wash, it does not fade and is not afraid of chemical impact.

10. Natural Stone

For cladding an apron, the most common types of stone are marble, granite and basalt. Granite has high strength with low porosity, which means that moisture and dirt penetrate less into the structure of the stone. On marble, for example, this can not be said, but such an apron in the company of a marble countertop looks stylish and expensive.

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