A garland of warm hearts for Valentine's Day

A garland of warm hearts is an original piece for Valentine's Day. In this master class I will tell you how to create it yourself. For the manufacture we will need the following tools and materials: - 1-2 sheets of felt; - floss threads; - needle; - scissors; - synthetic winterizer; - jewelry: satin ribbons, lace, beads, beads.
Garland for the Day of All Lovers
Stages of work: 1. We cut out the template of the future heart from thick paper. We draw 6-10 pieces of hearts from the wrong side of the felt. Cut it out.
 Garland for the Day of All Lovers
2. We decorate the heart with beads, sheathe lace, ready-made flowers. Sewing jewelry to one or both halves of the heart.
Garland for the Day of All Lovers
 Garland for Valentine's Day

3. Sew both halves of the heart with floss threads. For the volume we fill the heart with padding polyester.
 Garland for the Day of All Lovers
4. We sew each heart onto the ribbon at a distance of 2-4 cm from each other.
 Garland for Valentine's Day
Hanging on the mirror, headboard or above the table in the living room. Love to you and your loved ones!

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