Handicraft game for the development of memory and attention

The development of mental abilities is the main component of preparing children for school. The task of educators and parents is the timely training of memory, perseverance and attention. Of course, there are many computer games aimed at the development of these abilities. But! Without exception, moms and dads seek to reduce the time they spend their children behind the monitor. So it is worth considering the options for games without the use of modern gadgets. The game is designed for children's audiences of junior school age, and perhaps the children of older groups in kindergarten. At the age of 4-5 years, we can easily count up to 10 people. For older children, when developing the material, we advise you to use the numbers to 100. After 1-2 months of daily training, both at home and in educational institutions we get the long-awaited result. What is the meaning of the game? On the canvas, there are numbers from "1" to "?" on the canvas.Purpose: to find and count as many numbers as possible in a certain time, for example, 1 minute. Participants: 2 or more players. Mom is a worthy opponent to her child in the battle for victory. How to make a game? We propose to consider an interesting option using herbarium. You will need: - dried colorful leaves (for color).
 Game for the development of memory and attention
- old wall calendar.
 Game for the development of memory and attention
- A4 sheet and thick cardboard. - glue. - scissors. At the first stage on the cardboard, carefully paste the album sheet. From above we lay out and glue dry leaves of bushes and trees: grape, maple, birch, aspen and others. It turns out a motley picture.
 Game for the development of memory and attention
We take the wall calendar and cut out the required number of digits: 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. An example is shown in the photo.  Game for the development of memory and attention
We finish the creation of the game by sticking scatter on the leaves of the cut out calendar numbers. That's what we get.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/11/351-igra-na-razvitie-pamyati-i-vnimaniya.jpg" alt="Game for the development of memory and attention" title="Game for development memory and attention ">
 Game for the development of memory and attention
Memory Development Game attention
The game-handicraft for the development of memory and attention using herbarium is ready. Interesting, colorful, useful. It remains: - attach the cardboard with scotch tape on the wall. - find a simulated pointer, which we will point to numbers. - call classmates or relatives. Tournament declared open.

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