Silk fabric skirt with ruffled trim

Hello, dear visitors. In this article I will tell you about how you can sew a skirt made of silk fabric with a ruffled finish. We have a beautiful and elegant skirt that can be put on for a holiday. It is sewn from cropped fabric from another dress, which turned out to be too long for fitting.
 Silk skirt with ruffled section
In order to sew such a skirt, we needed: - Light brown silk fabric; - Scissors; - White threads; - Sewing needle and needles for stabbing; - Zipper closure; - Several decorative figures of flowers; - Measuring tape (centimeter); - Boom a and a simple pencil. Getting to work, we measured the dimensions for the future skirt with a special tape: the length from the waist (hips) to the knees, the waist circumference and hips, and measured the distance of one step (stretched leg).To measure this distance you need,to calculate the true volume of the future skirt and not to make it too narrow. For example, in our case, the circumference of the hips is 73 cm, the waist circumference is 67 cm, the length from the waist to the knees is 51 cm, and the length of the step is 120 cm. Having received all the necessary data for sewing, we take the fabric, and, counting about 1.5 cm in the upper side and on the sides for the stock, cut off the desired piece (we have 153 cm in width and 155 cm in length), after which we add a certain number of folds (one from 10 to 12 to 3.6 cm in each) on one of the longitudinal sides of the fabric in order to "squeeze" it and make it equal in length to waist girth. Each fold should be sealed with needles for hardening:
 Silk fabric skirt with ruffled section
Next we sew all folds:
 Silk fabric skirt with frilly section
After that, the upper section of fabric attributable to , you need to fold several times so that Cut clipped sections of fabric were hidden, and fasten with needles, then sew:
 Silk skirt with ruffled section
After that we start making the belt.First, we take a piece of cloth, equal in length to the circumference of the waist or hips, and about 10 to 12 cm wide. Folding it along, we fix it with needles for stabbing, and then sew it. If there is no piece of fabric of suitable length and there are only short ones, you can take them and make two parts of the future belt from them, and then sew them together. When sewing, you can use a special machine, but if it is not, you can sew by hand:  A skirt made of silk fabric with a clipped section
For sewing, we took two short pieces of fabric. Each stitched piece we need to unscrew from the inside, then connect the two ends together.
 A skirt made of silk fabric with a clipped section
They need to be stitched in such a way that they managed to conceal a too prominent seam in the middle. It can be hidden, for example, behind decorative figures of flowers:  Skirt of silk fabric with clipped section Next, we sew a skirt to the resulting belt for sections of the allowance.In order that the skirt could be put on without problems in case it would be too narrow, we sewed a zipper at the back. We also decided to stitch together the longitudinal sides of the skirt, folding the sections of the allowance several times into them. We sewed by hand, and because of the straining of the thread, we got a little uneven. Turning out the resulting skirt from the wrong side, let's see how it looks in front:  A skirt made of silk fabric with a clipped section However, the back edges of the skirt turned out to be uneven and they needed to be fixed. So it looks on the wrong side:
 A skirt made of silk fabric with a clipped section
Cropping off excess, we add up several times the ends of the fabric and pin them with needles:  A skirt made of silk fabric with a clipped section and faster seams, we used a sewing machine. The seams were perfect and the edges of the skirt became smoother:
 The skirt of silk fabric with the clipped section
Need to take fabric up to 120 cm wide.and a length of up to 16 cm, and measure along the edges of small portions of the allowance (from 1.5 cm). Then, folding the upper edges of this fabric several times, sew them. This fabric will be a ruffled trim for our skirt. However, in our case, there was no long fabric, and therefore we decided to sew together three pieces of fabric (40 cm long and 16 cm wide):
 Skirt made of silk fabric with a frilly section
Next, we sew the upper edges of all the pieces of fabric, then we join them all together:
 Silk skirt fabrics with a clipped department
Sewing all three parts, we are taken for the fluttering of the bottom edge of the fabric. To make the fabric look like a frill, we decided to do the half-stitched seams:
 Silk fabric skirt with ruffled section

With this embroidery you do not need to tighten the thread too tight: then the fabric will be able to be worn and it will need to be corrected. And in case the thread ends, the remaining thread will need to be tied to a new one neatly.It will be convenient:
 Silk fabric skirt with ruffled section
 Silk fabric skirt with a frilly
This is how we get a frilly fabric:
 Skirt made of silk fabric with a frilly section
Next we need to" fit "the upper side of the fabric in size to the length of the belt. To do this, we decided to fold into the fabric many different folds and sew them. Then we decided to sew the side edges of the resulting fabric and attach it to the skirt under the belt. First, we decided to make sure that the fabric is completely suitable in size and length to the skirt, and therefore pinned it with needles under the belt:
 Skirt made of silk fabric with frilly department
Lightning seems to us not so unevenly sewn. When sewing the ruffled tubercles formed during the assembly of the folds, we decided to fold not sideways, but “spreading” it in half so that there were no too large tubercles,which will be difficult to stitch:
 Silk fabric skirt with ruffled section
Hand sewing here can take about an hour It looks like a finished skirt:
 Silk fabric skirt with ruffled section
Making it from scrap materials, You can save time and money on the purchase. In total, it took us five days to make it, since we almost always worked on it manually. So it looks, if you wear it:
 Silk fabric skirt with ruffled section
Best regards, Vorobiev Dinara.

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