Painted ceiling tiles with acrylic paint

For painting the ceiling tile we need the following: - a tile with a smooth (non-structural) surface and a large relief pattern, - a large artistic paintbrush or a very small paint brush, but I prefer to use a small piece of foam rubber fixed on a stick with using wire, - acrylic water-based paint (by no means a different type of paint, otherwise poisonous vapor poisoning is inevitable!).
Painted ceiling tiles acrylic red Coy
About the paint, or rather its color: do not buy ready-made color paint. As a rule, such materials have too bright saturated color, so the ceilings are not relaxing, but rather "aggressive". Personally, I prefer to take white paint and colors of different colors for self-creation of a range. Painting of the ceiling tile with acrylic paint
The process of painting itself can be carried out even in a residential area (remember that the paint should only be water-based!). We begin the coloring of the relief with a central pattern, so as not to get dirty. It is possible to conditionally divide a tile into four parts and draw each part, starting from the center. By the way, it is not at all necessary to suffer with the coloring of the ascents of the relief, it is quite enough to paint over the upper plane. At the same time, do not forget about the continuation of the pattern on the edge of the edge, so that at the junction of the tiles do not form white strips.  Painting of ceiling tiles with acrylic paint
 Painting of ceiling tiles with acrylic paint
It is quite natural that it will not do without blots, so it’s worth making a small piece of foam rubber with o cut corners and a little water to wet it. For those who do not know - acrylic paints are easily washed off with ordinary water before drying, but only until they are dry, then it is almost impossible to remove them.Therefore, the wrong strokes need to wipe immediately.
 Painted ceiling tiles with acrylic paint
 Painted ceiling tiles with acrylic paint
After staining, put the finished tile or put in a place with a gentle wind or draft, ideally - under the "sun". Remember that the foam tile is very light and fragile, so you need to handle it very gently! The finished tile dries in the sun for three to four hours, and in the shade for about a day.
 Painted ceiling tiles with acrylic paint
Well, now we take handmade tiles and glue on prepared ceilings with special glue or liquid nails. Here in the photo it is still "floor", since I started painting it before I finished processing the ceiling surface.
 Painting ceiling tiles with acrylic paint
But now in nobody really wants to spit such a ceiling!

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