Advise laminate flooring

I plan to lay a bright laminate in a rental apartment. Advise one that would look stylish, but at an affordable price. Well, if you can buy it over the Internet with delivery in Moscow.
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Answered on May 8, 20:43
Yes, go to Leroy and choose there a laminate to your taste and wallet. Moreover, the color rendition through the monitor is distorted, and you can end up with something you expect when ordering from an online store.
Answered on May 8, 20:51
Maybe you are suitable for pricing and appearance of something like laminate Alsafloor Oak Pilate Forte? Look at this link to see if you are satisfied with the colors and the cost. But again, you did not indicate which price is acceptable for you. It is difficult to advise something with such a small amount of input.
Answered on May 8 21:05
I saw recently in Leroy a light cute laminate from Megafloor about 800 rubles per square. If you pass by, then look, maybe you will like it.

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