Air Bead Bracelet

It turns out the crochet can knit not only clothes, but also jewelry. No special skills are required for this. You just need to be able to knit a regular crochet chain. This bracelet can be made completely different, you can make it thin or voluminous, loose or tight, multi-colored or solid. This MK shows the idea itself, and knowing the technique, you can try and experiment. For work we need: - beads of several shades, - rhinestones, pearls, - fishing line, - hook, - ruler, - cardboard , - scissors, - pen, - nippers, - round-nose pliers, - pins with eyelets for beads, - lock, - 2 cones.
For the work we need
Let's start. According to my calculations, I need to collect beads on a 3 meter long fishing line. I alternate white, cream and gold beads. Chaotic I insert white and golden rhinestones between them. Don't cut the line!
 We do not cut the line
Next comes the most interesting process, in which you will be creative.We begin to literally crochet a bracelet. This knitted line is distinguished from the knitting by threads only by the fact that you add biscuits to each stitch while tying, the ones we just strung on the thread. I knit crochet number 3. If you want a larger bracelet, you can take a larger hook. I add beads to each loop of the chain. You can make a bracelet well, very airy and knit like this: 2 air loops are empty, add beads to the third. You can add as one bead, and several in one loop of the chain. In general, experiment! As I already said, I knit one bead in each loop of the chain. Do not tighten loops.
 Do not tighten the loops
We knit until the beads and rhinestones are finished beforehand. At this stage, the thread can already be fixed and cut. Now from this long chain we need to form a bracelet. To do this, take a cardboard and draw a trapezoid. The upper (short) side will be equal to the diameter of your hand minus 1 cm to the lock (and in my case even minus 1.5 cm to the pearls). The bottom (long side) will depend on how large your bracelet will be. The greater the volume, the trapezoid should be wider.Under the cardboard, put something soft, it will be more convenient to work later.

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