Akhasin Snail House

Parents often encounter a problem when a child asks for a pet.

The little ones do not understand that they should take care of the pet, feed it, walk it, clean the litter and callas. Not to mention the burden of extra material costs that fall on the shoulders of parents: a veterinarian, vaccinations, feed, etc.

I found a great way out of the situation, how not to refuse my beloved child and let him feel the bitter truth in the lives of pets.

We brought Akhasin snails.

Giant African snails, which are bred as pets in Europe and in Russia, are considered terrible and voracious pests in their homeland.

But these beauties have somewhere, more precisely, to live in something.

This job was a collaboration of my and my youngest son.

Materials and tools:

  1. A plastic transparent container with a lid = 150-200 rubles, the volume per one snail is at least 10 liters (for an adult snail) Dimensions 355x235x190mm;
  2. Garden soil in bags of 6-7 l = 20 rubles for 1 package;
  3. Awl, bait or knife;
  4. Food - zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, lettuce, carrots and other
  5. Vitamins - calcium carbonate (chalk for parrots, eggshells)

Step 1

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