Always put onions in the freezer

A deep bow to those women who are engaged in preparing their own food, protecting their families fromsemi-finished productsand other harmful products. We know how hard the work is: not only the cooking process itself takes the lion's share of the time, but also the search for suitable dishes, products, as well as new ways of cooking them.
In order to facilitate this task a little bit, we offer you, our hostesses,a few trickswhich will save valuable time and make your culinary masterpieces even tastier and cooking easier.

Culinary tricks

To easily remove the shell from a boiled egg, add a slice of lemon or half a teaspoon of soda to the water.

What can spoil the boiledhomemade fagots? Only a hard dough. Those who often pamper themselves with this dish, we advise you to arm yourself with a glass of cold water and at some point pour water into boiling dumplings.

Now you do not need to run to the neighbor to borrow an egg for baking, the absence of which you found at the most inopportune moment.It is easily replaced by halfripe banana.

It happens that in a dish you need to add a few cloves, or even heads of garlic. To clean them is such a trouble! The microwave makes the task easier: put garlic in it and hold it inside for 15 seconds at minimum power. After thatthe husk is cleanmuch easier.

Before the purchasebell peppernotice the number of cameras on the bottom. Pepper, which has 3 chambers, is sweeter, it can be used in its pure form, and the one, which has 4, is more resilient and bitter, it is ideal for preparing different dishes.

Dental flossEasily cut any baked goods, including cake. This trick is suitable for raw dough, for example, amiss in the preparation of cinnamon rolls.

Fried potatoes are a frequent dinner in many families. If your family is no exception, try to save time and oil by preparing thispotato in the oven. Simply wash the tubers, make cuts, drizzle with oil, salt and add spices. 40 minutes in the oven at 220 degrees - done! You can put any filling in the cuts: lard, butter or slices of processed cheese.

Todon't cry onionswhen cutting, pre-place it for 15 minutes in the freezer.

From thickyogurtget a useful and tasty treat for children. Place the yogurt in the pastry syringe and squeeze the droplets onto the parchment for baking. Only 1 hour in the freezer - and you can enjoy!Hopefully, we have helped you to do a little household affairs.

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