Amazing Pumpkin Lamps

Unusually beautiful lamps creates a Polish architect and designer Przemek (Przemek). The material for his creations is a dried pumpkin, on which he carves unusual patterns. Works Przemeka known under the brand Calabarte. The idea to use a pumpkin to create lamps came to Przemik after traveling to Senegal, where they actively use natural materials to create objects of decoration. And the author also wanted to create something similar. He made the first lamp in 2009, then another and one more. And in the end he quit his job as an architect and gave himself up to the passion of making lamps out of

The pattern and pattern on the pumpkin is never repeated. When Przemek was just starting out - the patterns were simpler. On one lamp he spent a month of work. With the growth of craftsmanship, the patterns become more complicated, and the time for creating the next lamp has increased to 3 months.

The artist uses tropical fruits from Africa and Asia. Their skin is similar to wood, does not contain fibrous filaments and is suitable for cutting various patterns.

The artist himself considers himself an artisan, creating the basis for the magic of light."Light is an inspiration, and it is always a discovery. You never know where it will appear. When it seeps through the thousands of holes in the spherical layer, it searches for the shortest path to the screen on which it leaves its mark. This is the screen of the world around us - walls, furniture, curtains. ” And I must say, the effect of shadows and patterns on the walls is amazing.

He makes table, floor and wall lamps. The price for such a work of art is also corresponding - it reaches 7000 dollars. And at the same time the line to it is huge, it produces every time a new lamp, never repeating.

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