American bow

Making such a decoration for a little fashionista is pure pleasure! The American bow always looks very magnificent and elegant. It has a bunch of intricate curls. The bow is made from multi-colored rep or satin ribbons. Although the American bow looks sophisticated, but making it is not at all difficult, because it is a design of several bows of various shapes and sizes. The main thing - to choose and combine the materials. It is better to take one or two ribbons with a pattern, the rest are monochromatic. So, to begin creating the bow we will prepare the following materials and tools:
  • ribbons: light pink polka dots - length - 50 cm, width - 25mm and dark pink polka dots - length - 40 cm, width - 25mm and two white ribbons - length - 30 cm, width - 10mm and two pink ribbons - length - 27 cm, width - 10mm three light pink polka dots - length - 13 cm, width - 25mm, two dark pink polka dots - length - 13 cm, width - 25mm and two white - length - 13 cm, width - 25mm;
  • thread, needle;
  • glue strong hold;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • matches (lighter);
  • rubber band forhair;
  • rhinestones or beads.
 prepare the following materials
1. Immediately after cutting, all ribbons with matches or lighters should be singed so that they do not fall out.
2. We take the two longest ribbons: light pink to peas and dark pink to peas. Tapes fold eight. To do this, we put the edges in the middle of the ribbon and fasten them with a pin.
 Ribbons stacked with a figure eight
3. We fold the edges of the eights in the middle, overlapping them a little, and again we pin the pin.
add to the middle
4. In the middle we sew by hand and tighten it; for durability, it is possible not to cut the thread, but to wind it a few more times. It turns out two bows.
 we sew by hand and tighten
 manually sew and tighten
5 . We take the narrowest four ribbons, white and pink, 10 mm wide. Their ends fold to the middle as in the photo. It turns out like loops.We fasten with pins.
 add to the middle
6. We put the blanks on each other and sew by hand, you can glue. Two more bows went out.
 we sew manually
7. Now we start to work with short ribbons. We cut off their tips at an angle to get a “dovetail”. The ends are immediately singed.
 Crop Tips
8. Fold the ribbons, alternating in color or as you like. Exactly in the middle of the stitch, we ping. Again we wind the thread a couple of times in the center. This is the base of the bow. Fold the ribbons
 We fold the ribbons
9. All components are ready, proceed to the assembly of a bow. We impose light pink bows on the base, first of thin ribbons, then with polka dots, smooth.
All components are ready
10. Then we put white of thin ribbons and a dark pink bow with polka dots.We sew all bows to the base, for reliability we wind it with a thread, fasten it.
 wrapping thread
11. We turn the almost ready bow and glue (or sew) the hair elastic. Choose a small rubber band.
glue the gum
12. Now we need to cover the seams. Wrap the narrow tape around the seam and elastic, so that the end of the tape is on the front side, fix it with a drop of glue.
 cover the seams
13. We glue in the middle a rhinestone or bead. American bow is ready!
American bow
As you can see, there is nothing difficult in the manufacture of this bow. If you do it for the first time, then you'll spend about an hour working. Experienced craftswomen make this decoration in 30 minutes.

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