Apartment for rent in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

An interesting historical past, a huge number of attractions and an excellent service at affordable prices - that's what attracts so much in our small Czech town of Hradec Králové that our compatriots and tourists from all over the world. According to the "worn-out" travelers, renting apartments here in the mountains or in the historical part of the city is much cheaper than, for example, renting a hotel room somewhere on the outskirts of Prague. And this is despite the fact that here almost every building is an architectural masterpiece!

It is worth noting that the first chronicle mentions of this city, which arose at the confluence of the two rivers, date back to the Xth century. However, for about three hundred years of its existence, it was an ordinary settlement, bearing a more modest name - Gradec. And in the XIV century, having reached the peak of economic and cultural development and equaling beauty with Prague,it was honored to become a dowry of the royal daughter, for which she received the prefix "Kralove", which means "the city of the queen".

The centuries-old history of the city is fully reflected in its appearance. Due to the fact that Hradec Kralove for a long time remained the property of the queen, he was surrounded by walls, which were demolished as useless only at the end of the XIX century. Later, in their place was created a magnificent park, which still exists today. Sculptures, wonderful fountains and century-old trees attract visitors to the city.

Despite numerous historical and architectural monuments, the pearl of Hradec Kralove, of course, is considered the house of Queen Eliška, which is perfectly preserved to this day. From the point of view of architecture, it is a masterpiece, because the facade of the house is decorated with lace stucco, its pattern looks like the openwork on a wedding dress. Of no less interest is the Gothic cathedral on the Great Square of the city, which was also built by order of the Queen.

As for the cultural part of the program, every vacationer will find something interesting in this city.For example, connoisseurs of ethnography necessarily visit the Museum of Eastern Bohemia, where more than one million exhibits are exhibited. Anyone who prefers to get acquainted with the culture of the country through its gastronomic preferences, can try something new in numerous cafes and restaurants that are located here on almost every corner.

A traditional feature in the restaurants of the city is just huge portions, and the signature drink is, of course, real Czech beer. A portion of a salad, for example, can be full of both you and your friend. Therefore, when ordering lunch at a local restaurant, do not overdo it.

Tourists, not the first time coming to this wonderful town, prefer to rent housing in the private sector and it does not have to be apartments in the city center. The fact is that Hradec Kralove is a small town with a sufficiently developed transport infrastructure, so the distance from the center does not affect the cost of rental housing. The decisive factor in this sense is the area of ​​housing and its livability.

When looking for accommodation in Hradec Králové, please note that under Czech law, all real estate transactions, including rentals, are made only with the execution of written contracts. Therefore, do not be surprised that even if you have entered into a transaction over the Internet or have agreed orally, you will have to sign a contract with the landlord. However, according to the tourists themselves, this is an advantage, not a disadvantage.

And yet, the locals prefer to rent their homes through intermediaries, that is, through real estate firms. Given this, finding suitable accommodation in Hradec Kralove is much easier than renting a villa in Hungary, since a huge number of offers are concentrated on the websites of realtors for every taste. In addition, all diversity is accompanied by comprehensive information and photographs.

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