Aquarium in a light bulb

The aquarium has long been the decoration of apartment interiors. Most often you can find large aquariums, with a capacity of 100 liters. However, some more like the nano-aquarium. In this case, for the content of aquatic organisms, unexpected items such as vases and glasses are used. There are even aquariums ... in a light bulb. We offer to make such an aquarium yourself.
 materials for the aquarium
From the materials we need an incandescent lamp, fine-grained aquarium soil and a small aquatic plant. First, separate the base from the bulb bulb. You can do this with a hammer, tapping them from all sides of the cap. Just do not make excessive efforts - the lamp can break.
 handle the lamp
After removing the base, remove the unnecessary glass pieces from the bulb. File the edges of the flask with a file,if they are too sharp.
 grind flask with file
Flush flask and pour aquarium soil into it. Then plant an aquarium plant in it and fill the lamp with water. Put the plinth on top. The resulting aquarium can be put on a stand or hung, if the cap keeps well on the flask.
 Aquarium in a light bulb
Of course, in such a" aquarium "it is impossible to contain fish . But with the help of it you can surprise your friends and acquaintances. Also, an aquarium in a light bulb can be an original gift.

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