Autumn trends - 2016: tips from the Omsk stylist

In autumn, overcast skies or bad weather can be easily brightened with bright accents in the basic wardrobe. This is the time when a woman has the opportunity to fully demonstrate her elegance and sense of taste.

Autumn itself seldom surprises us, because every year we are covered with rain, yellow leaves and a frosty wind. Only the mood and style change. But a woman can really surprise. To do this, you just need to know what is fashionable this season and what you should pay attention to, but what is better to forget about.

Woman's Day talked on this topic with Olga Drovorub - Omsk image-making stylist, shopper, master of costume design, author, leading trainings on fashion and style.

Stylist Olga Drovorub
Photo: O. Drovorub's personal archive

About Omsk fashion

Unfortunately, there is no special Omsk fashion yet. On the streets in general, everything is quite simple and uninteresting.But I am glad that closer to the center there are more and more often separate and really stylish images.

Key Trends

Fashion is a mirror reflecting the modern world. Therefore, designers simply do not invent anything. The theme of war is relevant today, like no other, so we see military style on all world podiums. As for the historical vector, we are talking about the fact that we live at the crossroads of centuries and millennia. The consciousness of mankind is arranged in such a way that during such periods it requires cardinal changes, a revision of values ​​and a change of guidelines. But first in such cases it is required to analyze the experience of the past. Therefore, modern fashion "digests" the twentieth century, and this season, specifically the 90s. The reference to the XVII – XVIII centuries is also associated with this. I like the feminine vector of the costume in the style of the XVII – XVIII centuries.

The main trends of autumn 2016:

- Military style and khaki color, which will successfully pass into the next season;

- the 90s and with them a new grunge;

- The historical vector, which includes the romantic details of the women's costume of the XVII – XVIII centuries, as well as the “historical” fabrics, such as velvet, tapestry, jacquard;

- Metallics in the textures of fabrics, shoes, accessories and makeup: gold, silver, copper;

- Linen style in combination with sports style.

5 main things this fall


Aviator jacket with sheepskin oversize.

Park oversight.

Dress combination over the turtleneck.

Boots in the style of grunge + fishnet tights.

All this is everyday comfortable clothes, not constraining movement and relevant for work and for a walk around the city.


The first-aid kit bag, fabulous necklaces and rings resembling the decorations of fantasy film characters, caps and baseball caps, voluminous knitted hat, fur hat with earflaps are relevant this season.

Photo: O. Drovorub's personal archive

I advise women to forget about the combination of “shoes + bag” in one tone. This is a sign of bad taste. It is also not necessary to wear sets of “necklace + earrings,” despite the fact that they are still selling together. Buy something you can, but worn - separately from each other.

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