Backlit mouse pad

First, we pour a little glue into the grooves so that there are no voids under the wires, then we put everything in its place, and pour it flush with the glass on top. Make sure that the parts do not bristle out. If you overdo it with glue, do not rush to try to remove it in a liquid state - you will slap everything. It is better to wait for the glue to dry and remove the excess with a tool. I advise you to work more efficiently, because after 5 minutes my glue, though not frozen, did not spread and was inconvenient for spreading. Excess sticking out are either removed with a sharp blade after drying, but not completely hardening (be careful, you can simply pull out everything filled with grooves with a blunt blade), or sandpaper after full hardening - this side will still look down and be closed, so it's okay will happen if you scratch it a little.
Edge treatment
Then I took up the ends (although right away I will say that it is more convenient to do this before pouring - so that the wire does not interfere with you).With the help of the skin, we remove the chamfers: you can remove at 45 degrees, and you can do as I do - rounded. Remember that if the ends are perpendicular, then the glow will be badly seen from above.

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