Bangs Hairstyles for Short Hair

Long Layered Bob With Bangs

If you’re intrigued by shorter styles but are afraid of making a big change to your very long hair, this long layered bob with a side swept bang is the perfect place to begin your transition. Hair is long enough to be styled in a variety of ways, and these flattering bangs can be quickly grown out if you decide they aren’t for you.

Pageboy With Bangs

A style that was on the cutting edge of hair about fifty years ago, the pageboy cut is making a resurgence on some celebs and fashionistas, but remains a fairly edgy look. Even if you don’t have Coco Rocha’s bone structure, a very short bob with straight bangs is a huge power statement.

Pushed Forward Pixie

With sides cut very short, you may worry this style will send you into masculine territory, but by pushing the hair forward to create bangs, your face will stay framed in a feminine way.

Asymmetrical Bob With Short Bangs

This choppy, edgy style is not for women who are hoping to be able to throw their hair in a ponytail. Even with very straight hair, bangs this short require a fair amount of styling effort, especially if you’re a restless sleeper who wakes up every morning with a bad case of bed head. Try wearing a silk head wrap to sleep to keep bangs flat and minimize your re-styling time every morning.

Classic Bob and Bangs

If an edgy hairstyle isn’t for you, this classic bob and bangs offer up timeless style in a practical package.

Pixie With Long Tousled Bangs

Try going for this style if you’d like a pixie with bangs, but have coarse, textured hair that won’t lie sleek and flat across your forehead. Anne’s bangs are cut with choppy layers that prevent heaviness, and are more playful than the closely cropped sides of her elegant pixie.

Edgy Pageboy

Instead of looking like a throwback, this pageboy style cut as worn by eccentric artist Karen O appears almost futuristic. Bangs are cut thickly, and transition seamlessly into the rest of the hair.

Wavy French Bob With Side Swept Bangs

For thick textured hair, blunt bangs can look heavy and be a pain to style. These side swept bangs are long enough to allow natural texture to shine through, but have enough layers that they don’t fall heavily around the eyes.

Pink Pixie With Side Swept Bangs

A short pixie cut has the potential to be bold and edgy, but in some cases leave you looking more soccer mom than sex kitten. To make your short cut even more of a standout, try a fantastical (and on trend) colour like a pastel lavender or this bubblegum pink hue. Bonus: these side swept bangs are flattering on a wide variety of face shapes.

Choppy Bob With Short Bangs

Throwing subtlety out the window, this cut is choppy all over, allowing a hint of undercut to peek through at the hairline. These wide set bangs tend to flatter women with oval shaped faces, and may not be the best fit if you’ve got a larger forehead. This hairstyle is edgy and stylish in any colour, but lighter or multidimensional hues will play up the extreme texture.

Blunt Bob With Rounded Bangs

These short, curved bangs are an incredible way to bring new attention to your face and eyes, but can end up making round face shapes appear even more round. This curved shape also adds a nice contrast to the blunt bob, a cut that’s so often paired with straight, blunt bangs. For an extra dose of fun, this look uses ombre in a variety of purple hues.

Pixie With Short Bangs

In the earlier stages of growing out her shaved head, Anne Hathaway was seen wearing this pixie with very short bangs. While the tendency when you’re trying to grow hair is to refrain from cutting of any kind, this short bang prevents the drab look of hair that’s all the exact same length, and helps very short hair retain a feminine feel.

Short Layered Bob With Choppy Bangs

These barely there bangs are a serious commitment that can’t be hidden away if you decide they aren’t for you. If you’re into short layered hairstyles, Short, choppy bangs usually give length to the face, making them a good choice for round face shapes. But the characteristic you’ll need to have most of to pull off this style? Confidence.

Modern Bowl Cut

Another look that definitely isn’t for wallflowers, this style features hair cut to a uniform length all around, with undercutting at the nape of the neck. The randomly choppy ends prevent this geometrical cut from looking exactly like a bowl cut of days gone by.

Mid Length Bob With Short Bangs

One of the longer looks on our list, this bob lands somewhere between chin and shoulders, creating a more dramatic contrast with very short bangs.

Sophisticated Undercut

Cropped very close on the sides and left longer on top with a sophisticated, side swept bang, Robin Wright’s signatureHouse Of Cardsstyle is becoming a popular look for middle aged women who want to look professional and chic.

Razor Bob With Short Bangs

This entire style features ends finished with a razor cut for a final look that’s choppy and wispy at the same time. While some razor cuts are soft and feminine, the blunt shape and short bangs keep Miley’s style on fashion’s leading edge.

Long Glam Pixie

These bangs play gently around the face, and are long enough to be partially tucked behind an ear, or can be all pushed forward for a sexy, glamorous look.

Shaggy Layered Style

This shaggy, layered style is a good choice for women with very thick hair who are looking for a low maintenance haircut that isn’t too plain. Bangs are cut with texture and layers to keep them light and bouncy, with a touch of side sweeping that can balance out a strong jaw.

Edgy Short Pixie

This edgier version of a very short pixie cut features volume at the crown and uses product to prevent hair from looking downy or fuzzy.

Bob With Long Side Swept Bangs

This glamorous hairstyle features a long, face framing bang that sweeps across the forehead. The deep side part accentuates this bang’s effect, but you could switch to a less dramatic part on days when you don’t feel like wearing such a seductive style.

Momager Style

Kris Jenner’s version of the pixie uses lots of volume on top and a layered bang for a professional style favoured by powerful women.

French Bob With Short Bangs

For a sweet style that’ll have you looking like you’re strolling Paris’ Rue Lepic in ballet flats and a pea coat. Curls help give this style a naturally tousled feel, although this bob and bangs aren’t considered a wash-and-wear style for most women.

Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

Shorter in the back, this style brings elements of a bob and a pixie together for a hybrid look that’s easier to style if you’ve got thick hair.

Short Bob And Bangs

A very deliberate look that can’t be styled in a huge variety of ways, this is a statement cut for women in creative fields who want to throw away the safety blanket of long hair. This hairstyle is undercut at the nape of the neck, and angles slightly towards the front.

Long In Front Pixie Bob

While the back of this style remains quite closely cropped, bangs are long enough to reach the jawline, providing elegant contrast and the option to pin them aside.

Supermodel Pixie

This short style features a long on top pixie where hair is pushed forward to create bangs that fall just above eye level. Rather than create a heavy fringe, this cut features lots of texture at the ends and shorter layers originating from the top of the head.

Bob With Centre Parted Bang

This centre parted bang is usually seen on longer hair, but looks nice with almost any cut that’s about chin length or longer. Soft tousled waves create an intentionally disheveled style that the long bangs can blend nicely into.

Punky Bowl Cut

Featuring hair that’s shaved at the back and sides, this edgy hairstyle puts an ultra trendy spin on the bowl cut, with textured ends that are shorter in the back. Hair in front is cut with a similar choppy texture, leaving no straight lines anywhere in this look.


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