Beaded Flowers



Flower "Fragrant Mint"

Sometimes needlewomen want something delicate and summer, for example, brooches or hairpins. I present to your attention a master class of a flower made of beads, which you can revive in your hair or give an image of femininity with a brooch. Everything will be
A basket with flowers with their own hands

Do-it-yourself basket of flowers

Products made of beads are quite a popular way today to decorate a home interior, giving it warmth and comfort. Modern craftswomen can make products of any complexity, from elementary "children's jewelry" to full-fledged compositions. But master
Rose Bead

Rose Bead

All girls love flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers live pretty quickly. They are replaced by artificial ones. But even they can not permanently keep their appearance perfect. And it is not customary to give artificial flowers - this is a bad tone. But now
Nice little bead violet

Pretty little bead violet

Girls-masters, needlewomen, today I want to share with you a master class on making flowers-beads from the violet. Products made of beads are distinguished by their unique beauty, grace, originality and always attract attention, and the surrounding
Crocodile from beads
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Crocodile from beads

The variety of products made of beads is simply amazing. From beads you can weave not only flowers, but also animals. With the help of this master class you can very easily weave a crocodile. To create it, we need ordinary beads.

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