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How to weave a bauble with watermelons from beads

How to weave a bauble with watermelons from beads

All girls and girls love to weave baubles. They can be worn as a sign of friendship or love, or simply as a decoration. They can be woven from floss threads, and in this article we will talk about the bead bauble. It is woven as easily as from a thread,
Curtain and Shade Bead

Bead Curtain and Shade

You can make many different beautiful and interesting things with your own hands from beads and threads, for example, curtains for door or window openings and a lampshade (chandelier) for decorating a lamp in a room. The range of cotton curtains and curtains is very diverse: they

“Heart” ornament made of beads on a stand

Hello, dear site visitors. In this article we will tell you about how you can make a beautiful souvenir in the form of a heart made of thick wire and beads, attached to a small stand. This souvenir can be made for the day of all
Butterfly Panel

Beaded Butterflies Panel

Technique - parallel weaving. For work it is necessary: ​​• wire with a diameter of 0.3 mm; • beads for 1 butterfly: purple, lilac, pink, black (large); • beads for 2 butterflies: yellow, red, black (small and large); • 2-3
We tangle the jar with beads

weave a jar of beads

Surely every girl has a very convenient jar or box in which the necessary stuff is stored. Most, of course, are purchased in the store.However, you can independently make such a box, which will not be ashamed to put on
Fir-tree from beads
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Fir-tree bead branch

Increasingly, people are abandoning a living tree for the new year, wanting to preserve nature. But what New Year holidays without a Christmas tree or a pine, their main symbol? Beautiful artificial Christmas trees are often transcendental sums, and they seem too
Easter egg braided with beads

Easter egg braided with beads

Easter is a favorite holiday for everyone, which people of all ages are looking forward to not only to eat delicious Easter cakes and cottage cheese with raisins, but also to give each other traditional memorable souvenirs. Coloring chicken eggs by origins
Bead egg

Bead Egg

Spring has come - it's time for miracles. A spring purrs - “Christ is Risen!” There are no words lighter in the world"Truly, Christ is Risen! Soon a beautiful bright holiday will come - Easter. All women will bake cakes and paint eggs. And all the needlewomen,
Beaded Snowflake

Beaded Snowflake

Beautiful and delicate snowflakes - a great decoration for a New Year's costume or Christmas tree. Make them not only simple, but also interesting. For work you will need: - beads; - thin fishing line or wire; - scissors.

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