Teddy Bear Photo Stand

The support for photos is not only useful thing, but also an excellent gift. Unfortunately, in shops such coasters are monotonous, and the prices for them "bite". There is a way out - to make an original stand in the shape of a bear with your own hands. We need: - Polymer clay; - Stationery ruler; - Pin;
- Holder for papers. First of all, unpack polymer clay. I take the plastic gray.
 unpack polymer clay
Form the parts of the bear's torso: belly, head, four legs and ears. To make the cuts smooth, use a ruler to cut the clay.
 Build the torso parts
Attach the lower legs and the head to the bear's torso. attach the bottom paws and head
Make recesses in your ears,so that they look more realistic.
 Make holes in your ears
Connect the ears to your head.
 Attach the ears to the head
From a red polymer clay, cut a triangle with rounded edges.
 cut the triangle

Give the triangle a heart shape.
 Give the triangle a heart shape
Attach the heart to the bear's torso.
Attach your heart to torso teddy bears
Attach the front foot so that it seems that they hold the heart. From gray plastic roll up a small ball and attach it to your head - it will be a muzzle. Insert a paper holder under one of the bears' paws.
 insert paper holder
Using a pin, give the surface of the figurine a wool texture.You can also “draw” different stitches and legs so that the bear resembles a soft toy.
 wool texture
Following the instructions on the packaging of polymer clay, bake the figure in the oven.
 bake a figure in the oven
So, the stand for photos in the shape of a bear is ready! Attach an image to the holder and place the bear on a shelf or table.
 Bear photo stand

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