Beautiful fabric roses

Beautiful roses from fabric- decorate your home with a bouquet of romantic roses made of silk (or similar fabric) or present to your loved one, also suitable for decorating a gift or greeting card.

Materials and tools:

  1. silk (or other similar fabric);
  2. green felt;
  3. pins, scissors, needle, thread;
  4. glue gun.

Step 1

Cut out a paper template in the form of a sheet of 7 cm long (change the length of the sheet depending on the desired size of the bud). Using a pattern, we cut out the same petals from the fabric, for one rose 7 petals are required.

Let's fold the petals in half, as shown in the picture, and fix it with a pin. We put a petal on a petal to close about 1/4 of each other - we get a “ribbon” of petals. Stepping back from the top 0.5 cm through the tape (see picture).

Step 2

Start gently pulling the end of the thread and forming the curls of the bud. After forming the bud, pull the end of the thread even harder and tie the knot by fixing the bud.

From green felt we will cut the petals and sew to the bud.

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