Large paper roses

Big paper rosesare very beautiful and realistic roses, their main feature is that they are big and look like real roses.

Materials and tools:

  1. doublette colored paper;
  2. wire for floristics;
  3. flower ribbon;
  4. craft glue;
  5. pencil.

Step 1

Print (or move with a pencil) the petals of the bud and leaves and cut. The number of petals depends on the size of the bud, small petals form the inner part of the bud, large ones form the outer part. Bending and twisting on a pencil, we will give the rose's petals a realistic look.

Take 2 wires for floristics and fasten together by wrapping tape. Starting from the inner petals, attached the petals of the rosebud to the end of the stem, for fixing using glue and tape.

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