Bird feeders

And what do you do when you make a bird feeder? You use strong and waterproof material, worry about the aesthetic appearance of the product, try to think as much as possible about all the details, so that the birdies can comfortably eat in such a dining room? Then today you will learn how to make incredibly beautiful bird feeders that will look great among tree branches. Nut decor. This feeder looks very presentable. The bottom of the product is a rectangular platform, on which the side walls of wooden bars of different lengths are fixed. The roof is made of the same material as the bottom. But it is decorated with halves of a nutshell. To make the product last longer, it is better to varnish it.
 Bird Feeder
The wave on the wave. This trough looks interesting due to the fact that for its manufacture were used textured boards. It's very simple to make such a house. It is necessary to draw on the smooth surface all the necessary details: a square bottom, four lateral planochki, four vertical posts and two rectangular blanks for the roof.All parts are cut and sealed with self-tapping screws.
 Feeder for birds
Forest hut. This trough will be the perfect decoration of the dacha. We need to take two wooden dostochki: one will be the bottom, and the second - the top. They keep to each other due to thick logs of birch twigs attached to opposite corners. You can decorate the roof with straw, tie colorful threads with beads to the sides, and glue on chestnuts, a nutshell and beans at the bottom. Such a house will attract not only birds, but also squirrels.
 Feeder for birds
Beautiful ornament. Such a feeder was made of their usual wooden sticks and planks. But it attracts the eye with its unusual decor. The roof is painted in multicolored shades and decorated with patterns of autumn fruits and leaves. And also appropriate ribbons with a clear ornament, they are glued on the side walls of the bottom, and at the top of the roof. Stylish and easy!
Feeder for birds
Overseas hut. Well, it's just hello from hot countries! For the manufacture ofThis tent used round wooden sticks. The roof is covered with straw, tied with linen thread in small bunches. If migratory birds saw such beauty, they would simply stay to spend the winter in this bungalow.
 Feeder for birds
Although the appearance of the feeder is important, but it is much more important not to forget timely fill up houses feed. Because the birds should eat well to survive the fierce frosts and in a positive mood to meet the spring.

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