Blogger accused smartphone in retouching selfie

Publishing blogger Mel Wells has made a lot of noise on Instagram. Of course, the girl blamed the new Samsung phone ... for automatic photo retouching. Having made a safe, Mel did not recognize herself - in the picture suddenly disappeared not only redness and mimic wrinkles, but also all freckles. Why, she looked like a wax copy of herself! It turned out that the new phone was set to the "beauty level 8" by default, which means: photos are processed in the photo editor. "The manufacturing company seems to be telling its customers: we do not like how you look, but we'll fix it right away," Mel commented indignantly at the unpleasant discovery. "No, thank you, I'll leave my imperfections to myself, because that's how I look really and that's what friends like me."

Well, if the machines ever rise up against us, now we know what a sophisticated way they will choose - they will be mercilessly photographed by our numerous self-employed! But seriously, do you think the users themselves should decide whether to process their photo or not?

Wow Samsung.If you’re trying to get a little bit of fun, you’ll get to know your beauty. "Hi, we’re an airbrush for you, x 8 !!" Thanks for the vote of confidence, I think I’m not in the real life. I hope young girls are buying iPhones instead of Samsungs. (Wait, do iPhones do this too?) To clarify - no apps here - this is Samsung's DEFAULT FRONT CAMERA SETTING.

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