Blooming garden: 7 plants, ideal for home

Plants not only improve the quality of indoor air, they make us more efficient and resistant to stress. We will tell you which plants to choose for your home and how to care for them.

Do you want to revive your interior with the help of indoor plants, but the thought of transplanting, feeding and caring for them makes you sad? We have chosen 7 ideal plants for your home and will give you some effective tips - they will help to keep home flowers in excellent condition and make it easier to care for them.

1. African violets

Buy in the supermarket three African violets of different colors and transplant them into an elegant pot with a leg. The earth around the flowers can be covered with moss - in addition to the decorative function, it also retains moisture and is sold in almost every plant shop. Such a composition will look outside the box and very impressive. Caring for it is also quite simple: direct morning light and protection from the scorching sun in the afternoon. To water the soil, lift up some moss.And try not to wet the leaves.

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2. Still life of succulents

Succulents can not be counted: matte, shiny, with round and pointed leaves, lilac, juicy-green, light green ... Their main advantage is simplicity in care. Succulents blend beautifully with cacti and aloe. Of these plants, you can create whole pictures in glass bowls or pots. The perfect choice of forgetful hosts: they love direct sunlight and can live long without watering.

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3. Fig tree

This plant, with its large, wiry leaves and lush green color, will easily fill any empty corner in your room. And to make such a dimensional plant more mobile, you can use the stand on wheels. So you can easily move the pot when cleaning or move it away from bright sunlight.

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4. "Home" orchid

Capacity from the double boiler will help facilitate the care of an orchid that loves moisture so much. Phalaenopsis is a long-flowering plant that attracts the eye with its beauty and elegance. The perfect place for an orchid is on the window in the bathroom. Here she will find moisture and sunlight.If you think that caring for this wonder for you is an impossible task, we have advice for you: to keep moisture in the pot better, place it in a glass container (for example, from a steamer) and put small pebbles there. Delight the orchid in direct morning light and protect from the scorching rays after dinner. As for irrigation, the ideal moment is when there is no longer any moisture condensation inside the pot.

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5. Mini-forest in the apartment

Tiny trees with a figured haircut - a bright and pretentious decor for any room. Mühlenbeckia can be used as such a tree. It does not need direct sunlight, and you can safely put it in the center of the room or away from the window. If you plant several such trees in small pots and put them in one row, they will perfectly decorate the classic interior. And yet, if you put them on a narrow console, Mühlenbeckia can effectively zone a room.

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6. Ferns - in the bedroom

Well-groomed green ferns in frosted pots look royal and are great for bedroom decor. They tolerate the shade well and are quite uncomfortable in the care.And if you combine several types of fern in one room, the interior of the room will become much more interesting. The only thing to remember about: ferns do not like dry air. But, by the way, and a person with this air is not recommended to sleep. Therefore, taking care of the fern in the bedroom, you also care about your health. Water the plant as soon as the topsoil is dry to the touch.

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7. Dracaena

What is the difference between the home dracaena and the luxurious dracaena that you saw in office spaces or clinics? Size and pot. Plant several plants in one large pot and you will get an evergreen corner in your house. And if you choose a matted pot for this, it will perfectly contrast with the glossy dracaena leaves and add even more texture to the interior. Care: indirect light, watering after the first 5 cm of soil dries out.

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