Brooch Moth of Beads

Embroidered with beads, beads and cantle, covered with various patterns of multicolored butterflies in the form of brooches or pins are now very popular. It is not difficult to create such an ornament with your own hands, especially if you already have experience in embroidery. To do the work you need to prepare in advance: - the basis for embroidery; - beads of several colors and different sizes; - bother; - strong kapron or polyester yarns; - scissors; - bead needle; - the marker; - acrylic paint; - brush; - thick cardboard; - fabric for the seamy side; - pin for brooches; - glue. Sketch can be drawn directly on the basis for embroidery, but it is worth doing so only if the work is not done for the first time and there have been no problems before. For the first few times, it is advisable to first put the image on paper, or on graph paper, and then copy it with tracing paper. Cutting the silhouette and checking the symmetry, it is necessary to cut another similar outline from thick cardboard.This cardboard will be placed inside the brooch and will provide it with the required stiffness.
 moth brooch from beads
With the help of a marker the contour is transferred to the basis for embroidery. As a basis, you can use any non-falling cloth, but when working with gimp it is important that the base is not fleecy. On the felt traditionally used for embroidery, too much pile, which in work clings to the twist, spins it up and greatly complicates the process. Therefore, for this brooch used Dublerin glued together in three layers. So that the white fabric does not shine through the beads, it should be painted in the desired color using special acrylic paints for fabric.
 moth brooch from beads
After as the fabric dries, the contour of the patterns is applied. The first thing to do is to sew up the rigging, since its installation requires free space.
 moth bead brooch
Then you need to sew contrast beads close to the contour gimp , from the inside or outside,depending on the intended pattern.
 moth brooch made of beads
A bead may not have one contrasting tone, colors that are similar in tone give a good result when used .
 brooch moth made of beads
Large beads between curls sewn at the same time.
 b osh moth bead
Having finished embroidering one wing, go to the next, but you can embroider them simultaneously if it is more convenient. brooch moth from beads
After all the curls and patterns on the wings are embroidered, fill the background with the small primary color beads selected for this.
moth bead brooch Lastly, the back and the belly of a moth are embroidered.
 brooch moth made of beads
This order of work is more convenient, as it allows you to make the wings more symmetrical.The embroidery cut along the contour with the seam allowances is combined with the fabric prepared for the seamy side of the brooch, inserting cardboard in the middle so that the brooch keeps the shape. It is required to fasten a brooch pin on the seamy side, making cuts in the fabric and additionally securing it with several stitches of threads to the fabric tone.
 moth brooch brooch

When assembling a brooch, cardboard with a fabric of the inside is desirable to glue, so that its destruction from friction in the process of wearing goes more slowly. Do not stick the cardboard to the embroidery from the inside. Even the most dense base in the puncture sites with a needle misses the glue on the front side, and it's very easy to spoil the embroidery. Untested in advance on the stability of the beads can change color from contact with glue, the same can happen to the cantle, especially silver coating is affected. A finished brooch can become an ornament of a coat, scarf or bag, but it should be remembered that it is often undesirable for contact to contact with moisture. When wearing on top of clothing, you should be protected from rain and heavy snowstorms.
 moth bead brooch

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