Building a summer house

Make a summer house for the garden is a great idea. There you can relax as a picnic, spend the night in the hot summer nights. In winter, however, you can store different soda things, a cat is not desirable moisture and snow.

Foundation and base

The first thing to do is to properly align the site on which the house will stand. Then ram the ground. I also made a sand pillow, but this is not necessary, it would be better for draining excess water.
We are building a summer house
In the role of the foundation are six cinder blocks. That is, I did not flood anything, and it is not necessary. Just melted blocks and aligned in height. I put waterproofing on each block so that the boards do not rot, and assembled the base of the house. The timber used at the base was coated with resin. Although this is also not necessary to do, I once again insure. Most of the base is braced with angle brackets.
Building a summer house


We are building a summer house
After it was finished with the foundation, I started in the frame of the house. Made from the same timber. The roof is sloping. It connects all the same corner brackets. In order to easily assemble the frame - it all starts with the corner boards. They are fixed temporarily with boards at the base diagonally. And then the whole frame is assembled. Temporary forests he also made from the boards. Through the use of a wide beam, the house turned out to be very durable.

The walls and roof of the house

We go from the bottom up. First, we make the floor of the boards, and then proceed to the walls of the frame, the outer side we upholster the boards, such as "lining". We master the roof, we cover. style="text-align: center;">Building a summer houseWe build a summer house

Window and door

Install a thin, single plastic window and a transparent sash door.
Building a summer house

Painting a summer garden house

The house was covered with several layers of paint. Again insure - one would be enough. With a palette you decide.I attached dark brown corners to the joints and corners.
Building a summer house
Building a summer house

The final stage

The interior of the house is also upholstered in clapboard and coated with varnish. Between the outer and inner layer you can put a heater. I did not do this - a house for the summer. In principle, it is quite possible to make such a house in a week and enjoy it for many years. Large window and door give a lot of light and the presence of the garden in the house.
We are building a summer house
Such a structure can become your office for the warm season. The design is not very complicated, rather simple, you do not need to be a highly experienced carpenter to repeat it. Good luck and successful construction to all.

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