Dried eggsis a recipe.


  1. 10 eggshell;
  2. 2 cups salty meat broth;
  3. 20 grams of gelatin;
  4. 1 fresh pepper;
  5. 1 small can of corn;
  6. 300 grams of ham (or fish, chicken, meat);
  7. greens.


Preparing the shell: carefully wash the eggs, make a hole on the blunt side of the egg, pour the contents, rinse inside and dry the blanks.

Soak gelatin for 10 minutes. We warm it up to complete dissolution (do not boil), mix it with broth and filter.

Dice the peppers, ham. Drain the water from the corn.

We put all layers in an egg, fill it with broth and remove it into the cold.

With frozen eggs, we clean the shell, as with cooked. Decorate, serve as a cold snack.

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