Bulk paper fir tree

New Year is a holiday that people of all nationalities and ages are eagerly awaiting. So, in our family, before the first winter month came, the debate about the menu, home decoration and everything related to the upcoming celebration began. And since the tree is its inalienable attribute, we, following the old good tradition, decided not only to put and dress a magnificent beauty (albeit artificial) in the central room, but also make a few miniature copies of it. A voluminous herringbone of paper
Even a small voluminous Christmas tree made of origami can become a wonderful element that will complement the New Year's interior 2016 our apartment. And it consists of only 4 parts, and it's quite simple. Materials for Creativity: • 2 sheets of A4 paper of matching colors (we have a pale blue and pale orange); • scissors; br>• a ruler with a pen (or a pencil); • PVA glue (a simple glue pencil will also fit); • •some tinsel - for decorating the Christmas tree.
 Christmas tree of paper
Procedure: Drawing and carving details:
Bulk Christmas Tree from paper
 Christmas tree of paper • • 3 squares of blue paper with sides 12 cm, 10 cm and 8 cm - from them we will make the "branches" of the Christmas tree, • 1 square of the second color sheet with the side of 8 cm - we need it for making the trunk (legs).
Now let's get down to the process of working with paper. Prepare the details. Bend the square in half, first vertically, then horizontally, smoothly applying the corner to the corner.
 Bulk fir-tree from paper
Now we make bends along both diagonals .
 Bulk fir-tree from paper
We bend all 4 corners to the center of the figure.
 3D herringbone and paper
Take the resulting square the sides of the middle and move towards each other,connecting in the center.
 Bulk fir-tree from paper
Do the same with the upper and lower sides of the figure. We have a cross.
 Bulk fir-tree from paper
Fold back one of the corners of the upper layer.
 Bulk Christmas tree from paper
Shift the previously made fold line to the side (left) side, forming a small triangle below (under the figure).
 Bulk Christmas tree from booms Agi
Move it by the hip of the resulting shape.
Bulk Christmas Tree
Turn the entire paper blank upside down and fold this triangle inwards.
 Bulk fir-tree from paper
Put the blank in the initial position, turn off the next corner of the upper layer and repeat the same manipulations, as well as with the remaining two other corners.
 Bulk fir tree made of paper
Get a paper figure,similar to the pyramid.
 A volume Christmas tree made of paper
In the same way, we fold all 4 details of our Christmas tree.
Bulk Christmas Tree
Putting it together. We glue the top of the orange pyramid with glue and put about 0.5 cm in it in the slots at the bottom of the biggest blue part.
Bulk Christmas Tree
Bulk paper fir tree
Then in the same way we glue a little smaller pyramid and finish building the craft with the smallest detail.
 Bulk Christmas Tree
Now it remains for us to decorate the finished Christmas tree, gluing bright strips cut from the tinsel in disarray. And our paper Christmas tree is ready to become a New Year decoration for any corner of the office or apartment.
 bulk Christmas tree from paper
Have a nice work and happy holidays!

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