Good afternoon. Today I want to invite you to make an eternally blooming cactus with your own hands from salted dough and improvised materials. For this we need: - Flour. - Water. - Salt. - Dyes or gouache (brown, red, black, green). - A pot. - A glass out of yogurt. - Rolling pin. - Board. - A knife or stack. - A brush. - Toothpicks. First you need to knead the dough. There are a lot of recipes for salt dough, I took the simplest one. 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt (fine) and ¾ cup cold water. Based on this calculation, knead the dough. It should be thick, like on dumplings. Take salt, fill with water, add the dye of the desired color. Mix everything, add flour and knead the dough. You can add a little vegetable oil to the dough. I immediately kneaded the dough brown, red, green, black, white and put it in the fridge for 3 hours.
 you need to knead the dough
After the dough will be ready, take the brown dough and roll it 0.5 cm thick.
 roll out the dough
Take a pot and wrap it in dough. Fold the top inwards.The bottom also needs to be covered with dough.
 wrap a pot of dough
 wrap the pot in the dough
 wrap the dough in the pot
Now take the dough red and roll it out. Use a knife or a stack to cut out 5 petals. It will be a flower. We take a brush, slightly weat it with water, and we grease one side of a petal, we press it to a pot. We do the same with the other leaves. We roll a ball of white dough and press it to the center of the flower.
 take the dough in red
From the green dough we roll two tows and make twigs to our flower .
 we will make sprigs of our little flower
Again we take the green dough, roll out and cut out 4 leaves. We press them to the branches.
 The pot is ready
The pot is ready. Now we will cactus. Roll out the green dough and wrap a glass of yogurt.The principle of operation is the same as with the pot.
 Making a cactus
Now we need to make small protrusions from which we will later" grow "needles. Making them is very simple. Pinch the dough from top to bottom with your fingers. As a result, we should have a vertical relief. It is not necessary to make it straight, you can lightly make it in a spiral. We make protrusions through the same distance throughout the cactus.
 Making a cactus
Planting a cactus in a pot. At me the cactus ideally has entered into a pot. If you have a pot that is much larger than a cactus, then simply stick the dough that is left in it and safely plant your plant in a pot.
Plant a cactus in a pot
From the black dough we will unroll the flagellum and close the distance between the cactus and the pot. Imitating the land in this way.  Simulating the earth in this way
Take toothpicks and cut each of them into small pieces with a knife or scissors. Then paint the sticks in green.These will be needles for a cactus.
 chopsticks in green
As long as we leave toothpicks to the side and make a flower. Roll out the dough red. Cut out 12 petals of it and paste them in three rows with water and a brush to the top of the cactus. We first glue 5 petals, 4 petals on top, and then 3 petals.
 glue the petals in red
Now roll out the harness from the white dough. Fingers make it a strip and cut into the fringe. Fold it into a tube and attach it to the middle of the flower. At the same time it should be slightly smeared with water and slightly pressed into the middle of the flower.
 roll out the harness
 fasten to the middle of the flower

As soon as the paint dries on the needles, we stick them into the reliefs we have made.
 Salted dough cactus
Almost th cactus s. Leave it to dry for 2 or 3 days,and then we cover our craft with colorless varnish.
A handmade cactus will look beautiful on any window sill. Bye.

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