Cake from diapers


Gift Cake from Pampers

Gift cake from diapers

Do you want to please young parents with a useful gift that also looks bright and stylish? Then make a cake for them from diapers. After all, unlike soft toys, which will be gathering dust on the shelves for a long time, the baby needs diapers
Cake from diapers

Diaper Cake

The birth of the baby is a joyful event. At this moment, I want to make presents, have fun and somehow stop the moment in a special way. Mom baby is presented with something unusual. Just unusual can be a cake from diapers - a nice gift with
Miracle Cake from Diapers

Wonderful diaper cake

The birth of a new man - the triumph, joy, emotion! How I want to congratulate loved ones on this event beautifully and original! Wonderful cake made from baby diapers, made with your own hands, will not leave indifferent any happy mom. A
Clown from disposable diapers

Clown from disposable diapers

Many people find it difficult to choose a gift for a small child. Recently, gifts made by his own hands have become widespread, they are also said about such that they keep the warmth of our hands. This trend has touched and
Snowman from disposable diapers
10 883

Snowman from disposable diapers

Recently, gifts made from scrap materials have become increasingly popular. Not the last place in the list of such gifts is occupied by products from disposable diapers. These crafts are intended, as you might guess, for children. With
Stroller from disposable diapers

Pram of disposable diapers

The stroller of disposable diapers or diapers is not only original, but also a functional gift. After all, such a pram can always be unpacked and all accessories belonging to it can be used for its intended purpose.

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