Candy Candy Flower

In the vase there are a few sweets ?! Then eat them and mark the wrappers in the right direction. From such a simple and accessible material you can create both simple crafts and complex ones. The main thing is to start, and fantasy and skillful hands will help you to move in the right direction. Required materials: - four candy candy wrappers of yellow color for a flower; - one candy wrapper of green color for foliage;- thread; - scissors. Stages of making a beautiful flower out of junk material: 1. To create a flower, we will need 4 yellow wrappers from candies. If you do not have candies with just such candy wrappers, then take any. So, on the long side do the bends. As a result, we get an accordion.
 candy wrappers
2. Now we connect all the harmonica together, tying in the middle of the thread.
3. We connect edges of accordions with double-sided tape, glue or stapler with braces.Straighten our bud.
fix by thread
4. Cut a small circle out of colored paper or cardboard. Attach the double-sided tape to the back side and place it in the middle of the flower.
 connect all accordions
5. Now proceed to the manufacture of leaves for the flower. To do this, take the wrapper from the candy green and, putting it in the form of a diamond, begin to make an accordion.
 Candy Candy Flower

6. Fold the harmonica so that it has an approximate proportion of 1/3 or 2/3. Tying the fold with thread.
 fix the thread
7. Straighten all sides.
8. From a piece of another green candy wrapper, cut a thin strip and attach one end to the flower, and the other to the leaves.
 Flower from candy wrappers from candies
 Candy Candy Flower
This is the end of the production of junk material. So a beautiful candy wrapper flower is ready.

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