Carnival Cylinder Hat

Meeting the New Year is always bright and fun. I propose to diversify our celebration, remembering the old custom of arranging a carnival night on December 31. Of course, for a real carnival it is very difficult to make a costume yourself. It is necessary to work hard on its manufacture and think through every little thing. But to create the spirit of carnival it is enough for each guest to come up with a small accessory. For example, the headdress of a bright character. In just a few hours, you can turn any man at the table into a London dandy. For this, it’s enough to create a capital hat-cylinder out of cardboard and colored paper. We will need: thick cardboard; Whatman paper tube is rolled up in a few days; monochromatic colored paper; glue for PVA; a piece of rubber band is about 20 cm. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard that is slightly less than the volume of the head (so that the hat would not fall through ears), and height - 20-25 cm plus 1 cm from the side of the seam allowance for the connection. Glue it with colored paper.Next, we roll up the pipe and glue it together.
 cylinder diagram
For the bottom cut a circle with a diameter equal to the diameter of the pipe. From the outside, also glue it with colored paper, and glue the inside to the pipe. To do this, when cutting the circle, leave 1 cm for the stock. Then we cut this allowance into tails, which will well connect a circle and a pipe.
 pipe scheme
Now we take the rolled-up paper. We also cut a circle out of it, only its diameter will be 8 cm larger than the diameter of the finished pipe. In the middle of it we will draw another circle with a diameter equal to the diameter of the finished pipe. But we will cut this drawn circle with allowance of 1 cm. This allowance, like the previous one, will also be cut into tails.
 scheme circle
Paste the resulting ring on both sides colored paper. We do this very carefully so that the paperman does not stand upright, since the fields of our cylinder must be raised upwards. Now with the help of the tails we fasten the pipe-cylinder and the fields. Since the hat does not fit over the head, we will hold it with the help of an elastic band.To do this, we make small holes with an awl in the hat's fields as close as possible to the pipe-cylinder and stretch and fasten the gum there. Decorate our cylinder with a snowball - and the accessory for the carnival is ready!
 cylinder hat

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