Chain "Summer Cocktail"

All girls and women love jewelry. This forces them to buy new models and designs of earrings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and so on. But sometimes the purchase may be disappointing. It happens, if a girlfriend or a girl from the general circle of communication, bought the same thing. Immediately there is no desire to wear this "uniform." To prevent this from happening, you can make original jewelry with your own hands. Then surely no one will have an analogue. Now consider how to make an original chain called "Summer Cocktail". For this you need: big pearl beads of milky color - 6, plastic diamond-shaped bead of lettuce color with green stains - 1, round beads - 2, oval beads - 2,thick orange cord with a diameter of 1mm - 1.5 meters, and a lock for chains - 1. We turn to the manufacturing process. 1. Orange cord cut into 3 parts by 50 centimeters. For a long chain, you can take a longer cord. To connect three parts on the one hand with a strong knot.
2. We begin to weave a braid. For a short chain, it is enough to make 7 loaves of pigtails. In the middle part of the cord we inhabit large beads of milky color and weave it into a braid. Beads can be surrounded with a cord from two sides or left with only one.
3. Weave on. We make 4 more lobules of braid. After that, in the middle cord we inhabit an oval bead. We continue to weave the braid on 4 slices to the population of large beads. Alternately, insert into the braid: a round bead, diamond-shaped, again round and oval. Between them we put in a large bead. We drag the chain into oblique 7 segments.
4. At the end of the process of creating the “Summer Cocktail” we strongly tie up three parts of the cord into a knot.
5. We tie a lock on the ends of the chain and cut off the extra lengthcord.
Chain “Summer Cocktail”
It is very easy to make such an original chain. It takes only a few minutes. The color of the cord can be replaced by another, as well as other accessories. The main thing that it was beautiful, stylish and tasteful.

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