Chest. What should be the chest?

Chest. What should be the chest?A morbid attitude towards the shape and size of your breasts is usually observed in girls under the age of 20-22. Most of the complexes are observed during puberty. It was at this time that the young ladies are most critical of their body. And this is observed from generation to generation. The body is actively growing and acquiring forms, including the chest, and the ideal is not at all achieved. But you just complexed recently because of its growth.


Girls tend to compare themselves with the same age and at the same time draw wrong conclusions. No need to associate their failures with the guys with their allegedly imperfect physique, especially with the size of the chest. Do not facilitate the complexes of girls and the desire of boys to assert themselves and appear adults in the eyes of their peers, and pay attention to older girls or peers who have managed to form better. If you strain your memory, then you can remember that since kindergarten you were teased by something, or maybe you yourself were teased.Children are cruel and so they behave until the age of 17-18 years. At that time, while girlfriends and guys will assert themselves and belittle you, they will pay special attention to your breasts.


Look closely, most likely the guy you like is dating a girl who has small breasts or less than you. Men love the unusual in girls, but not next to him. And to like a guy for a serious relationship, you do not have to be the owner of a magnificent bust. You complex about your breasts just because you don’t know what a bust you really should be.


It is necessary to evaluate your physical data in order to really consider yourself and not invent what is wrong with you in order to be attractive.


The development of the female breast. How does the chest develop?



Active breast growth begins at 13-15 years. At this age, the pigmentation appears on the nipple, and it begins to protrude. Normally, glandular tissue should be groped under the nipple. Therefore, the criterion determines the beginning of breast growth. The shape close to the adult chest acquires at the age of 16-17 years. In general, the breast is formed in one to two years after the monthly cycle has been established.And since the monthly cycle begins and returns to normal for each girl in different ways, then the breast is also formed individually.

Breast development. What should be the chest?

In some, breasts form by the age of sixteen, and in others only by the age of twenty. It is not surprising that most of the complexes are for girls aged 14–20, when some girls walk with fully formed breasts, while others still have breasts. And a couple of years before that, the girls were fighting, who had more growth, and it turned out that the smallest ones grew and became taller. So it will be with the chest. It does not matter that she is still small, the main thing is that she is.


Breast grows to 20-21 years. While the breast grows, the fatty layer of the breast remains small. It is the fat layer that determines the volume of the breast of an adult woman. In addition, during the period of growth of the breast, the nipples are painted in a pink tint. After nipple growth ends, it acquires a brownish tint and decreases in size, and the size of the breast increases. By these signs, and you can determine that the breast is still growing or not. You need to be able to wait. After all, at the end of growth and breast formation, it will become larger.


Adipose tissue accounts for 90% of the breast. Look closely at your height and weight.If you are thin, then after you pack up an additional 5-10 kg, then the size of your chest will be at least one more. Small chest for fragile body structure is normal, and it harmoniously combines with the other parameters of your body. You need to evaluate all the parameters and data of your body.


Nipples are connected in anatomically with the shape of their breasts. Those who do not know this are suffering in vain. With elastic and erect breasts, the nipples are retracted, and in some this is especially noticeable. Such is the individual characteristics of the breast, not some kind of contrived pathology. This type of breast is absolutely normal as it grows. And this just needs to rejoice, because your chest is worthy of museum exhibits, such as Venus Miloskaya, and there is something to be glad about. This others should envy you, not you them. When the nipples stop being pulled in, and you get better or you have babies that you will breastfeed, then, of course, the shape of your breast will change its shape significantly. When you actively grow, at some point in time your nipples will no longer be drawn in, which depends more on the individual characteristics of the organism.Observe how strongly and noticeably your nipples are retracted?


Evaluate yourself from all points of view. Only in this way will you be able to get rid of your own complexes. Remember, the size and shape of your bust does not affect your attractiveness. It's true! The young men who are now teasing you flat, in a couple of years will confess their love to you and regret their words. Believe me, everything will be like that.

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