Kanzashi Christmas Bows

Why are the bows presented in the master class called Christmas? Their appearance echoes the theme of the winter holiday. The red-green ensemble of satin and rep ribbons resembles a decorated Christmas tree. Also selected a special ribbon with New Year's decor, which today is easy to find in stores. You should also pay attention to the precious homemade center, which resembles the sparkle of frost patterns. You can make this holiday option if you liked it. For convenience and quick selection of accessories, a detailed list of materials and stages of bows is provided.
Christmas kanzashi bows
For one beautiful Christmas bow you will need the following set of accessories:
  • - 4 pieces of green satin ribbon - 4 * 9 cm;
  • - 1 piece of sparkling green brocade - 2 * 18 cm;
  • - 4 pieces of rep ribbon with a New Year's pattern (with the image of Christmas trees, snowflakes ,deer or other variant) of red color - 2.5 * 8 cm;
  • - 1 piece of a green satin ribbon - 1,2 * 10 cm;
  • - 6 squares of a green satin ribbon - 2,5 * 2,5 cm;
  • - 6 squares of green brocade - 2 * 2 cm;
  • - 6 beads of red color with a diameter of 8 mm;
  • - 4 half-beads of white color with a diameter of 1 cm;
  • - 1 green half- >
  • - 36 beads of white color with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • - a striking sparkling silver chain about 8 cm long
  • - 39 pieces of small beads of green color ;
  • - 2 golden hugs in the form of bells;
  • - 2 green (golden) laces 8 cm long (or make one cut 1 cm longer than the second one)
  • - white felt base (small square for creating a beautiful middle);
  • - an elastic band or clip, pin bar or pin - any base of the decoration chosen by you.
Christmas bows Kanzashi
In the process of work you need to perform several stages: to prepare an interesting middle of a half-bead, a string of chains and beads, make loops for a bow and collect a chic model, to model brushes. How to make Christmas bows with your own hands 1.Types of materials presented in the first photo. And the required number of segments, beads and hugs is indicated in the list.
Christmas kanzashi bows
2. Red rep ribbon with Christmas pattern (Christmas trees, snowflakes) looks very beautiful. This is the first highlight of the proposed jewelry. Cut the pieces on both sides with a cigarette lighter and make loops. The type of loops is shown on the second photo.
Christmas kanzashi bows
3. Another layer of the bow will be satin, composed of green and red stripes. Combine the length of the segments, as shown in the third photo, and singe the ends.
Christmas kanzashi bows
4. Make 4 more red-green loops. 5. Glue the prepared loops to each other in grades. In the fifth photo you can see that the X-shaped rep and satin blanks should turn out. Make a double loop for the bow from the brocade strip, sticking both sides together in the center.
Christmas kanzashi bows
6. Make the basis of the decoration, as shown in the sixth photo.Use all previously prepared layers, as well as a thin green ribbon for winding.
Christmas kanzashi bows
7. Beautiful middle - another highlight, proposed in this lesson. It is easy to make yourself, focusing on the seventh photo. Put a green half bead on a piece of white felt. Further around sheathe white beads, but the thread should not be visible. After that, glue the strass chain around the circumference. At this stage, you can stop or continue modeling.
Christmas kanzashi bows
Christmas kanzashi bows
8. If you want to make a smart center, then add another row of white beads around the circle. Then sew the green beads. Only after that cut the excess felt with manicure scissors. In the eighth photo you can see that the first row of beads consists of 12 pieces, the second - of 24 pieces. 9. Now take a look at the brushes, looking at the ninth photo, you need to work. Prepare square stretches of green satin and brocade,green laces, hugs and beads.
Christmas kanzashi bows
Christmas bows of Kanzas
10. From pairs of squares form beautiful sharp kanzashi petals. The stages of modeling are clearly shown in the tenth photo. 11. Make long tassels, based on the laces. In the eleventh photo you can see that the upper edge of the laces should be left free, and on the opposite side, 3 sharp double petals should be pasted, the bouquets should be pressed down and the red beads strung.
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