Christmas thread toy

Before the New Year is always a festive and upbeat mood. Most often we create it ourselves. But sometimes the mood can be done by the things around us. And if they are made by themselves, then the soul is light and happy, and the feeling of pride simply overwhelms the chest. Today I also wanted to prepare for the upcoming holiday and make Christmas balls. They look very attractive and quite simple in execution, and the result will be pleasantly pleased. Well, let's begin. We will need: balloon, thread, PVA glue, sugar, water and all sorts of decor.
 a handmade toy of threads
Into a glass of water ( 150 ml) add sugar (3 teaspoons) and glue (5 teaspoons) and mix thoroughly.
 materials for toys
Balloon inflating to the required size tying.
 water sugar glue
We lower the thread in a glass, give a good get wet.You can omit the whole threadblock, it’s convenient for anyone.
 Inflated balloon
When the thread is well soaked, we begin to wind it on the balloon as a cobweb.
we dip the thread
After winding half of the skein, you must allow the product to dry for 6 hours.
 we wind the ball with thread
Then make a new adhesive solution. For special strength in this case we add quite a bit of water to the glue, stir it and continue to wind the thread on the ball. If it is difficult to wind a wet thread, you can perform the action with a dry thread and then wet it well with glue.
 waiting for the thread to dry
After finishing the process, let our future toy dry . Do not rush and remove the ball. Everything should dry well (at least 24 hours).
 coat with glue
After complete drying, gently untie the ball, blow off and draw out.
dipped in sugar
Now proceed to the design. You can decorate our toy with gold cord, beads, sequins, beads, rhinestones. Here your fantasy is the main thing.
 blow the ball
We have decorated it like this: a gold cord was randomly laid on the ball, smearing the paths with glue. They put gold cards and rhinestones.
 Decorate our toy
 shiny thread glue
 christmas ball
a personal toy from thread
It remains only to tie a loop and ... Christmas mood is ready !.
 Fasten the loop
 Christmas tree toy

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