Clay Herringbone

Making abeautiful Christmas tree made of clay, which can be used to decorate a Christmas tree, as well as to use as an element of decoration for a New Year's gift. If you write a name before baking the clay, you get a personalized tag for a gift. Decorate the Christmas tree according to your desire.

Materials and tools:

  1. clay (polymer clay);
  2. rolling pin;
  3. glue;
  4. Herringbone shape (for example, cookie cutter);
  5. ribbon;
  6. rubber mat with pattern
  7. stamps with a pattern;
  8. sponge;
  9. paint;
  10. brush.

Step 1

We take a small piece of clay, put it on the table and roll it out with a rolling pin. Then put the mat on top and once again roll out with a rolling pin to give relief. We take various stamps and apply a pattern, it can also be applied with a wooden stick. Using the form cut out the Christmas tree. At the end of this step, we make a hole in the top of the tree.

Now, depending on the clay used, either bake (polymer clay), or wait until the clay dries.

Decorating the Christmas tree.Apply the paint, until the paint has dried, wipe the Christmas tree with a sponge so that the paint remains only in the recesses of the pattern. We wait until the paint dries.

At the end of the master class, pass the ribbon through the hole and tie a loop. All Christmas decoration is ready.

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