Bag for coffee bags

Materials and tools:

  1. multicolored felt;
  2. zip;
  3. pen, ruler, scissors;
  4. thread and needle.

Step 1

First, let's draw a sketch of all the details of the bag: the cat, the side parts of the bag will be made in the form of legs; the bottom rectangle of the bag and the large rectangle with a slit for the zipper. Then the sketch is transferred to the fabric and cut out.

Now we will sew to the details of the cat we will sew on the eyes, nose, ears and embroider the cat's mouth.

In the hole in the large rectangle we will lash the zipper.

Then we sew a large oval and 3 small ones to the side parts of the bag to make a foot. Let us sew the side parts and the large rectangle of the bag, as well as at the bottom of the rectangle, cut a rectangular opening for coffee bags. The same hole cuts through the cat's tail.

Step 2

Sew a "cat" to the bag. Remember to align the rectangular holes in the bag and the tail of the cat. At the end we sew the bottom of the bag.Bag for coffee bags ready. We fill it with bags of coffee (tea) and put it on the table, this bag will fit into any interior.

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