Coffee with cognac

Black coffee and cognac are considered to be drinks that perfectly match with each other, harmonizing the taste and aroma. many people love and drink in the evening overcast in the autumn, because it gives a powerful charge of energy, helps to tune in to a positive and warm up.

Does this drink have any benefit?

The benefits of any kind of alcohol is very doubtful. But everyone knows the noble cognac, which surprisingly well with coffee, in small doses stimulates the nervous and digestive systems of a person, with regular use can lead to addiction, problems with the heart and blood vessels, other unpleasant moments associated with alcoholism. Even good, expensive cognac can not be abused.

coffee with cognac But if we are talking about a cup of coffee and brandy, drunk occasionally, the percentage of alcohol in it is minimal. The benefits are much greater! So, this coffee cocktail:

  • has a significant warming effect, since both its components stimulate capillary blood flow;
  • improves cerebral circulation;
  • restores performance, improves attention and concentration;
  • increases blood pressure, so it can relieve hypotension.

Therefore, to allow yourself once a coffee cocktail with alcohol in the fall or winter, there is nothing wrong.

cup of coffee How to make a drink

To add brandy to it afterwards, ground sublimated or granulated coffee as well as grain coffee is equally well suited.

Simple drink recipe

  • First you need to make coffee yourself: brew it in a Turk or a coffee maker, or dissolve in boiling water.
  • Pour the finished drink into cups and add alcohol to them at the rate of 25 ml of cognac per 100 ml of coffee.
  • Sugar is added optionally to taste.
  • Drink coffee with brandy sips, savoring the drink in your mouth.

French Drink

Since France is the birthplace of brandy, and the French, like no one else, appreciate and know how to drink this drink, they have their own recipe for drinking it with coffee. The French believe that it is unacceptable to mix these two drinks.Their recipe is to make coffee to taste and slowly drink it, then drink a small portion of cool cognac. The effect in this case will be literally stunning.

Coffee with spices and brandy

If you follow it, the drink will be cooked with citrus peel, cloves and cinnamon and will get a very specific taste.

  • You need to make coffee.
  • You should put refined sugar to taste, citrus zest, 2 cloves of buds and two cinnamon pods in the enameled container, then pour 30 ml of brandy and set it on fire.
  • “Extinguish” alcohol with spices with hot coffee and let it brew for about 5 minutes.
  • Drink a coffee cocktail with alcohol and spices strained

No matter how tasty invigorating drink with alcohol, excessive drinking will have dire consequences. It is best to drink a cup of drink a week.

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