Cooking French "meat" in the oven

New Year's holidays are always fun and tasty feast! And for the hostess, it's also a clock held at the stove. To reduce these hours and not be too painful, cook tasty, but it is simple and fast. Here is one very complex recipe for cooking delicious meat. Initially, the recipe contained more ingredients, but the simpler, the tastier. We need: 1. Pork (carbonate or neck) - 1 kg. 2. Cheese - 100g. 3. Bulb onion - 1 onion. 4. Spices and salt. 5. Mayonnaise. 6. Bulgarian pepper (frozen or fresh) - 1 pc. To cook meat in the oven, we cut the pork into even slices about 1 cm thick. We grease the baking sheet with vegetable oil and lay meat on it, put it more tightly, as during cooking decrease slightly in size.
 Cooking meat In French
Rub each piece of meat with salt and sprinkle it with your favorite spices.
 Cooking Meat In French
Cut the onion into half rings and lay out on each piece of one half ring of onion, you can take two. Here is also a matter of taste. Such onion slices can easily be discarded by those who do not eat cooked onions, at the same time he will give his meat a wonderful aroma. Pepper, too, cut and lay on the meat. I use frozen green pepper, no more than 1 pc leaves.
 Cooking Meat In French
Dab each piece of meat with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese all grated on a large grater.
 Cooking Meat In French
We put in a preheated oven. The temperature is set at around 220 degrees. My oven bakes from below and above. From the bottom I bake meat for 20-25 minutes, on top I brown for no more than 10 minutes. Do not be in a hurry to get ready meat and immediately shift it, otherwise the “fur coat” may be damaged. Let the meat cool a little, then it will be convenient to shift it to the plate and serve it to the table.
 Cooking meat In French
 Cooking Meat In French
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Such meat can be eaten hot, and you can eat cold! It turns out gentle, tasty and very satisfying. Bon Appetit!

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